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Olympic profile: Shanaze Reade


Meet the 19-year-old BMX champion from Crewe who is hoping for Olympic gold

Shanaze Reade could be about to make history.

This is her first time competing at the Olympics.

And it's BMX Racing's first time as an event at the Olympics.

And unless something goes very badly wrong, she stands an excellent chance of coming back with a gold medal.

She told Newsbeat: "I've beaten every person that will be competing in the Olympic games. If that's not been a World Cup round it's been at the World Championships.

"So everyone that will be taking part, all 16 girls, I've raced them and beat them.

"If I've done it in the past, why can't I do it again?"

The 19-year-old from Crewe is the reigning world champion, and now has the chance to take it to the top level.

She said: "I never thought BMX racing would be where it's at today. I never thought it would even be in the Olympic games."

Shanaze Reade
Shanaze Reade has beaten everyone she'll race in China

Track cycling

Reade is also a champion in the velodrome, having retained her world title in the team sprint with fellow Olympian Victoria Pendleton.

The teenager took up track cycling because she wanted to train indoors, on account of the weather.

She said: "I didn't want to be in the rain and the wind in Manchester, so I went there [the velodrome] to train.

"I happened to get ok at it and then heard that Manchester had a world cup round. Here I am now, the two times world champion."

Her aim is compete in both events at the London 2012 games.

But for now she's concentrating on Beijing, with the help of some of her favourite music.

She added: "I like to listen to the Killers and I also like to listen to a little bit of dance music and rap like Eminem.

"I do like the Spice Girls, some of their old stuff was really good.

"You know, easy on the ears and very enjoyable."

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