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Behind the scenes at F1's Red Bull

Red Bull Grand Prix car

The chassis has already been put on Mark Webber's car. He's David Coulthard's team-mate at Red Bull. So sexy. The car, that is.

Part of a Red Bull Grand Prix racing car

David Coulthard's bodyshell is almost good to go - and there's always someone on hand to make sure it looks all nice and shiny.

Steering wheel

Is it us, or does the steering wheel look vaguely like a keypad for the old-school Super Nintendos? The drink button is cool - we'd fill ours with beer though.

Red Bull Energy Station

So here it is, in all its splendour - the Red Bull Energy Station. It's open-house policy - in other words, we can get in and have a sneaky peek.

David Garrido and David Coulthard

Red Bull's David Coulthard just announced his retirement - like a coiled spring, Newsbeat's sports reporter David Garrido is ready with the questions.

Seating area

Upstairs, it's a really chilled feel with plasma TVs and lots of soft-seating... wouldn't it be cool if they actually spun around, though?

Dining room

The party gets into full swing after 6pm - for the guests, some typical Austrian fare - check out those sausages, baby...

Dining room

Some tough decisions for the hard-working staff at Red Bull - which dip do I want? Fill your boots, fella.

Paul is Red Bull's chiropractor, Simon the sports therapist and Coulthard's personal trainer

Paul is Red Bull's chiropractor, Simon the sports therapist and Coulthard's personal trainer - not to be messed with.


We like it upstairs - DJ Wigz (don't ask) is keeping the crowd entertained. Not quite Scott Mills' floorfillers, but even so.

Red Bull catering girls

And finally, the Red Bull catering girls - with the slightly less lovely Andy Murray in the background.


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