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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 April 2008, 16:56 GMT 17:56 UK
In pictures: FOB Robinson Helmand

Supplies brought into FOB Robinson by Chinook

Supplies are brought into FOB Robinson by Chinook.

Chinook unloading troops and kit

A second Chinook unloads more troops and kit.

Welfare packages

As well as vital supplies the choppers bring out much needed welfare packages of magazines, books and sweets.

Solar shower at FOB Robinson

At Forward Operating Base (FOB) Robinson the best chance of a good wash is with one of the solar showers.

Camp Robinson accommodation block

This pile of sandbags and wooden crates is actually part of the camp's accommodation block.

Camp Robinson gym

The camp gym made from artillery cases and spare wooden joists.

Troops at Camp Robinson

Some of the troops from 2 Para keep themselves amused with a moustache competition.

Camp Robinson firing range

2 Para practice their firing skills on the range.

Lookout at Camp Robinson

Troops at FOB Robinson keep a 24-hour lookout for Taleban activity.

Laundry at Camp Robinson

No laundry service here but in 35C plus temperatures kit doesn't take long to dry.

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