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Introducing…Everything Everything

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Manchester's futuristic pop band driving into a new dawn in their Gaffer tape and crisp packet van.

Everything Everything
Everything Everything [L-R]: Alex, Jeremy, Jonathan and Mike

Manchester residents Everything Everything should really just be glad they're in one piece.

"The story is quite simple," begins drummer Mike. "We haven't got any money so we bought the worst van."

"We bought it off my brother and it was full of baby sick and on its last legs so we thought we'd get it and destroy it further," adds lead singer Jonathan.

"Most of its made of Gaffer (tape) now. Part of the back door is made out of crisp packets, you can hear it going 'crinkle, crinkle' when you close the door.

"There's a coat-hanger for the radio which is classic, it's full of Jacko posters."

Van adventures

With the foursome - Jonathan, Mike plus guitarist Alex and bassist Jeremy - about to embark on a nationwide UK tour they're not expecting it to hold out much longer.

Everything Everything, the facts

WHAT:Manchester's futuristic pop purveyors

FOR FANS OF:Dirty Projectors, Wild Beasts, Futureheads


LIVE: On tour throughout the UK in October

"The police don't like her," says Jonathan. "We got pulled over because of just how it looks."

Jeremy: "They were kind of laughing at us and said 'Can we have a go?'."

Aside from risking their lives on a daily basis the band have used the last twelve months to nurture their growing reputation as one of north-west England's most exciting new bands.

They're what some people are calling - keep it quiet - Manchester's new musical heroes.

"There's definitely a dissatisfied several generations of fans that want Manchester to be a special place again," says Jonathan diplomatically. "All they need is a catalyst to make it happen."

Resolutely un-Manchester in their sound they see themselves as the tonic to the "droves of Parka clad Oasis/Arctic Monkeys types".

"The problem with Manchester is that it has this amazing reputation for radicalism, futurism, being the first to do things and yet it's so retrospective now," opines Jeremy.

We want to make an album that's not got any weak points, no Achilles heel - that's all killer basically
Mike, Everything Everything

"The last 10 - at least - years have been about glorifying the past and past triumphs. I think that might be coming to the end now and people are becoming sick of - as great as they were - the Hacienda, Factory (records), Joy Division and The Smiths."

Oasis were arguably the last flame of that scene to be extinguished.

"Yeah, I think so. I don't think there's been an enormous outcry about the fact that the band has split up," adds Jeremy. "It's been a natural thing for them; I don't think many people are sad to see them go."

Future plans

But back to the band themselves. MY KZ UR BF (My Keys Your Boyfriend) is the latest single from the school friends, a piece of odd-pop that wilfully defies categorisation.

"It's a flavour but it's not what we taste like," muses Jonathan. "It's a small flavour that we can put in the recipe any time we like.

"We want to keep people guessing and not be predictable at all," smiles Mike.

If their rickety van gets them there, there will be a debut album arriving early next year.

"There's a lot that's in our heads and in our fingers that's ready to go," says Jonathan.

Mike: "We want to make an album that's not got any weak points, no Achilles heel - that's all killer basically."


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