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Mika promises fans 'gig at home'
Mika and Jo Whiley
Mika says his new album is a return to 'adolescence'

Mika says he wants to reward loyal fans by putting on a private gig in their living room.

The pop star told Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley he wants to create a reward system for his fans, with the ultimate prize being a gig in their home.

"I have so many faithful, cool people who are always on forums, who come to shows all round the world," he said.

"I wanted to come up with a system that could track everything and reward fans, a gig with me in your living room."

This year Bestival's fancy dress theme is Intergalactic. It's great, as far as I'm concerned my brain's in outer space anyway
Mika on playing Bestival in September

He added: "Whenever they post something on a website or buy a CD, they would get points. Of course I will do it."

His promise came as his new single, We Are Golden, was played on Radio 1 for the first time.

Mika said he felt "giddy" after the song had been played.

"It's been a year's build up. It's tough. This is the second time I've made a record," he said.

"In a way it feels like the first time I've been through this kind of transition - it's a terrifying process. Anyone who tries to play it cool is just lying."

He said his new album was a return to "adolescence" and "pretending to be 16 again".

'Dark fairytale'

"There is a little bit more angst, it's a me against the world kind of feeling.

"It's a little bit more extreme in its emotions, there's a lot more joy - big sounding, empowering joy - and there's more 'end of the world' sadness.

"It's that kind of teenager rollercoaster thing.

"My first record was about childhood. There were a lot of nursery rhyme and fairytale references, it was all about being naive.

Mika released debut album Life In Cartoon Motion in 2007

"This album is like the dark side of a fairytale, when you realise a nursery rhyme is actually about chopping people's limbs off or killing animals or dark things."

Mika also revealed he was considering renaming the album, which was expected to be the same as the single, We Are Golden.

"I think I will, even though I'm not supposed to, but until it's on the shelf it doesn't really matter does it?

"That's what you have to think. There's so much pressure for plotting and marketing, you've got to do what you feel like doing."

He said he has a new name idea, but he wanted to keep it a secret.

"It's like this dark monster. Actually it has something to do with monsters," he hinted.

Mika is planning on playing the new songs at Bestival in September.

"Apart from the iTunes festival, Bestival will be the first time I play the new songs with a full band to a full audience, it will be slightly scary.

"This year Bestival's fancy dress theme is Intergalactic. It's great, as far as I'm concerned my brain's in outer space anyway."

Mika's new single We Are Golden will be available to download on 6 September

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