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'Respect' for Jamie T's new album

By Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

It's been nearly two years since fans heard any new material from Jamie T. He says the follow-up to Panic Prevention is worth the wait and explains why a track featuring Florence Welsh from Florence And The Machine was cut.

Jaime T
Jamie T is releasing Kings and Queens on 9 September 2009

"It's just we had fun and took our time rather than rushing it and coming out with something we weren't happy with. I'm glad we took our time," says Jamie T.

"I'm excited, it has been a long time coming so it'll be nice to hear what people think and be good to play all the new stuff."

There had been rumours material had been scrapped, before Jamie T started writing all over again.

He says that's rubbish: "We went through a lot of different kind of situations. I've still got them, they are all coming out."

The first track Sticks and Stones was released at the end of June. It's been getting a good reaction on the radio and also from the festival crowds.

'Respect for each other'

Jamie T is in the middle of playing a summer of gigs from Glastonbury and T in the Park to Reading and Leeds.

This is all before the second record comes out, interestingly titled Kings and Queens.

"It's a long story. It has something to do with everyone is like the king or queen of their own and everyone should have respect for each other on that term.

"It's nice isn't it? It's something along those terms anyway."

Florence Welsh from Florence and The Machine lent her vocals to some early recordings.

"She did a backing vocal on a song that is not on the album, she didn't make the cut," he laughs.

"The song will come out at some point I'd imagine so people will be able to hear it although you can't really hear her [Florence] to be fair, but she certainly helped me out on that so thank you Florence."

As for future collaborations: "In the future we'd love to do some collaborations but felt we wanted to do it on our own and it kind of worked out that way anyway."

Jamie T is touring the UK in October following the release of Kings and Queens on 9 September 2009

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