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Introducing… Girls

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Staunchly anti-Google the San Franciscan slacker-rock duo want school teachers the world over to come to their gigs.

Girls are Chet JR White and Christopher Owens

"I saw my future and I was like, 'Uh oh'", booms Chet JR White like a gum-booted prophet.

"I was working as a chef and I didn't want to be a forty year old chef. I mean, I'm not forty, even though I look it. The forty-year-old-virgin-chef-part-II-starts-a-band," he laughs.

Girls, you see, were born out of necessity. A necessity to stop being lazy.

Leading a self-confessed 'waster's' lifestyle for three years back home in San Francisco JR [bass] and Christopher Owens [vocals] used music to shift their bones.

Waster lifestyles

"As soon as we got off work we'd just find our friends and party all the time for like several years," recalls Chris.

JR: "We were the guys who have all our friends in bands and we'd be sitting around going 'Yeah, yeah, great. We can do better than this'."

Girls, the facts

WHAT:San Franciscan melodic lazy boy rockers

FOR FANS OF:David Bowie, MGMT, Wilco, Flaming Lips

DOWNLOAD:Hellhole Ratrace

LIVE: Expected in the UK this autumn

Until they did. The twosome - joined by a band to play live - began to write their debut album, imaginatively titled Album, out in the UK in September.

"We have a Warhol approach to naming our album," giggles Chris.

The 12 dreamy pop songs which comprise Album were recorded in a variety of untraditional locations, including JR's parent's bedroom. They committed the best part of 2008 towards completing it.

"We kind of dropped out for a while, people thought we were doing some crazy drugs or on some mind-expansion trip," recalls JR.

Anti-Google stance

One of the facets the duo pride themselves on is their thoroughly un-Googlable name - a deliberate jealousy-fuelled move.

"We don't support Google in any way - we want to be one of those people where it just doesn't work for us," says JR. "They've infiltrated our neighbourhood."

"There's a Google bus stop right next to my house and they're [the staff] always stumbling off drunk and happy." He pauses. "I need a Google job; it's better than a rock star. They have a really good cafeteria."

Earlier this year, and despite the fact the slacker-rockers have played few more than 20 gigs they were hailed as one of the South By South West new music conference's big hits. Not that they enjoyed it.

We don't support Google in any way - we want to be one of those people where it just doesn't work for us
Chet JR White, Girls

"It's just like experiencing band-dom," says JR. "Everyone around you is in a band. You just don't feel very special."

With that in past, and a Visa to the UK secured, they do though have high hopes for their debut release.

"I feel like the music is very pop it could be for all people," ponders Chris. "It'd be cool to play shows where there are children and school teachers not just hip kids.

"We'd like to unite the whole world with loving music.

He smiles a toothy grin. "Girls is a band for boys who like girls who are boys etcetera…"


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