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Stars share Wireless highlights

Scottish electronic musician Calvin Harris at Wireless
Calvin Harris was a surprise guest at Wireless

Calvin Harris, Daniel Merriweather and Tincy Stryder were some of the stars Newsbeat caught up with at the Wireless festival.


On performing at Wireless...

"Being the surprise guest, it was almost an added pressure - as maybe you couldn't live up to people's expectations of a surprise guest. But it seemed to go alright, seemed pretty good.

"I always do a big build up, the big hero's entrance. I do that regardless of where it is, it's just one of those things, part of the show, it's got to be done.


On performing at Wireless...

Tinchy Stryder
Tinchy Stryder said he feels 'at home' on the stage

"It was emotional man. It was mad. As I was coming on stage everyone was saying 'Tinchy, Tinchy' and my heart was beating with them.

"The Wireless festival is a different vibe - you never know how they are going to take you in, some people might know your song and some might not - it's just a good crowd and it depends what energy you show them. When I'm performing I'm believing in my songs, I'm saying the lines and I'm picturing the moment I was writing them.

"When I look at all the acts here it feels great, everyone is shaping their authority and it's only down to people stepping up the level of what they are recording."

On Michael Jackson...

"I was in rehearsal when I heard - I thought it was a lie. Then the whole building went silent and I heard a scream. I was hoping it wasn't true.

"I will never forget Thriller. That is a deep song. It brought a lot to music and to me personally.

"When I was younger I thought he was another man from a different planet - he was a superstar."


On performing at Wireless...

"I'm just enjoying the sun. I rehearse a lot, I've got a nine-piece band, I'm relatively prepared, but happy accidents are always fun.

"I made a mistake of wearing tweed today - it's a little hot for tweed, the jacket is going to have to come off soon. I've got no socks on. Some loafers. I'm trying to balance out the heat that I'm creating under my jacket by not wearing socks.

On backstage...

Daniel Merriweather in the VIP hospitality area during the Capital 95.8 Summertime Ball with Barclaycard
Daniel Merriweather's latest track is about a cheating partner

"Kanye's left me with basically a shower block - I've got cubicle two, Calvin Harris has cubicle one - he's pretty much locked down the whole back stage, but hey, it's Kanye, let him be great. I'm looking forward to seeing Kanye.

"I've got some water, I've got a bottle of Jameson - I've been told it's the only bottle on the premises, so I'm pretty happy about that."

On his latest album...

"Every song I write is from personal experience - there is always poetic licence involved - but it's definitely from personal experience, the whole album is.

"There have a been a couple of girlfriends that have definitely painted things red. It's one of those situations, if a girl cheats on you, it's a hard pill to swallow, so that's probably where it comes from."

On Michael Jackson...

"I was in Sydney on morning television when the news broke. It was after I sang Red - that was depressing as it was, then I heard that - it literally shocked me to the core, he's such a monumental figure, even if you don't consciously remember it.

"I'd like to remember him in the mid-80s - that was when he was at his strongest. I think he will go down in history as a great, and I think he deserves it."

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Monday, 6 July 2009, 08:05 GMT |  Music

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