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La Roux labels R&B 'empty'
La Roux
La Roux released their debut album this week

La Roux's Elly Jackson has labelled R&B as, "very kind of empty, like hollow and not rooted in anything good or healthy".

The singer, who is currently number 1 in the UK singles charts with her song Bulletproof, added:

"Lyrically it's just like really really bad - I think a lot of it just doesn't mean anything.

"I think a lot of it is, 'Baby I love you, I want to kiss you'. It's just like what are you on about? Shut up."

La Roux's self titled debut album was released this week [29 June] and is vying for a position in the chart's top ten this weekend [5 July] with a number of Michael Jackson's albums.

Continuing on the subject of R&B music she added: "It certainly doesn't make me feel anything special, or doesn't make me think, or go somewhere else in my mind. I just don't get it.

"The clothes… I just think it's like basically naked. It has been like that since the nineties, its not just now. I just don't think it's good and there's lots of girls in pop that are 17/18 and they're half naked and it's just 'Why?'

"And you wonder if you weren't half naked would you by selling any records? Which obviously is just wrong.

"You shouldn't be selling records because you're half naked - if you want to do that be a porn star."

Jackson also admitted: "I'm probably expressing my opinion where it's not wanted."

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