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The stars step out at Glastonbury

By Sarah Jane Griffiths
Newsbeat entertainment reporter at Glastonbury

Lady Gaga, Gabriella Cilmi and Lily Allen
Lady Gaga, Gabriella Cilmi and Lily Allen all perform on the first day

The Streets, Pharrell Williams and Gabriella Cilmi were among the Glastonbury acts paying tribute to Michael Jackson on Friday night.

After the news of his death swept Worthy Farm late on Thursday night, it was the top topic of conversation for most festival-goers all morning.

Mr Hudson, first up on The Other Stage even broke the news to some fans before doing a moonwalk on stage. He told the crowd he idolised the singer as a kid.

Other artists followed. Cilmi slipped in a few lines of Billie Jean into her set, while The Streets went one further, with Mike Skinner covering the well-loved MJ track on the Jazz World Stage.

Lily Allen was sporting one white glove along with her revealing blue jumpsuit and pink wig as thousands crammed around the Pyramid Stage for her early evening set as the sun came out.

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams said he was "devastated" by Jackson's death

After coming off stage with N.E.R.D, Pharrell Williams talked about Michael Jackson.

"It's devastating," he said. "I'm a musician. We appreciate artists without judgement.

"There's all sorts of scientists, architects, philosophers that we totally respect that the news would find stuff to exploit.

"It's the music, the music was so incredible. They changed music and the way people looked at music."

Newsbeat bumped into White Lies singer Harry in the backstage bar area a few hours before their first performance of the weekend on the Other Stage.

He said he was shocked by the news about MJ and expected lots of artists to pay tribute.

"There'll be a lot of respect paid to Michael Jackson over the weekend I think," he said.

"I don't think you can go through your set without mentioning it. Unfortunately we don't have time to learn any Michael Jackson songs before 5 o' clock!"

Food hunt

They covered Saturday night's big headliner Bruce Springsteen instead, which the crowd went mad for. "This one's for you at Glastonbury but also for The Boss."

Kele from Bloc Party

I have got the wellies on and I've got the right attitude, speaking to strangers and just having a good time

Kele from Bloc Party on learning to love Glastonbury

But it isn't all about Jackson. Ahead of their headline set on the Other Stage, Kele from Bloc Party was on the hunt for food. Chips in fact.

"I missed lunch and I'm gutted as the breakfast was great," he said, before calling a halt to the interview when he clocked his tour manager munching his food.

"He's eating my chips! He's eating my chips! As if I can't even see him! I'm going to get them."

And off he ran, but not before confessing that he was actually enjoying himself at Glastonbury this year.

"Usually I just sit around and hate the mud. I've kind of gotten on with it a lot more.

"I have got the wellies on and I've got the right attitude, speaking to strangers and just having a good time."

Glastonbury celebrities

Backstage the paparazzi followed Peaches Geldof's every move, while her sister Pixie, Jack Penate, La Roux and Harry from White Lies were allowed to drink their beer in relative peace.

Also spotted were Paulo Nutini, Tim Lovejoy and TV Presenter and ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry, Caroline Flack. No sign of the Prince though.

We also bumped in to The Filthy Dukes who thanked Newsbeat for helping them get fit for the festival season.

How fit is the average rock star?

Newsbeat put the band through their paces a few weeks back with the help of AC/DC's personal trainer.

Bloc Party's Kele was even doing some celeb spotting: "I saw Lady Gaga walking around. I want to tell her that I liked her piano playing.

"There's some footage of her doing a cabaret version of Poker Face and I was quite impressed, I wanted to tell her I liked that. I didn't. But you know the night is yet young."

Lucky for Kele it wasn't long before Lady Gaga was on stage doing that cabaret version of Poker Face in a very skimpy leotard at the piano.

"This is one of those pinch yourself moments," she told the crowd. "Let's have a singalong!"

That was just the last of Lady Gaga's many outfit changes though.

Skimpy gear

The crowd seemed to lose patience with her going on and off stage with quite a few shouts of, "Get on with it", but did enjoy the outfit that saw fireworks coming out of her boobs.

Peaches and Pixie Geldof
Peaches and Pixie Geldof were among the celebs at Glastonbury

No worries about flashing for Katie from The Ting Tings though, up next on the Other Stage.

She assured Newsbeat she puts her outfits through some rigorous tests before they make it on stage.

"We do a lot of lunges in our outfits before we go on to see if they're doable.

"Tonight I'm wearing this cat suit with a sequin thing over the top which doesn't ride up or ride down too much.

"I test them out quite a lot but I had a dress on the other day that I put on for the first time and I couldn't lift my arm more than two inches past my thigh.

"I was trying to wave to the crowd and I just looked really stupid."

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