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N-Dubz explain 'self-inspired' album
N Dubz
N-Dubz split their time between making music and fishing

N-Dubz band member Tulisa has said she's excited to be back in the studio writing songs for their second album.

The Camden trio are currently holed up in the countryside working on the follow-up to 2008 debut Uncle B.

Tulisa told Newsbeat: "I'm loving getting back into writing again. Writing songs that are self inspired, true stories, fiction."

Tulisa says sometimes she finds it hard being cooped up in the studio with her fellow band members.

"I'm locked away with Dappy and Fazer day in, day out. It is absolutely stressful. That is one downfall to the situation," she said.

Official fishermen

She admits that thanks to their countryside location, Dappy and Fazer get time to spend on their favourite hobby.

"They go fishing, that's when I get a break. Those are the happy times. They are official fishermen those two," she said.

You've got thousands of people there and they're not all there to see you and it's about winning the people over who are there to see a different act
Tulisa on festivals

"I think half the money they make goes on fishing equipment - you would never think you could spend that much on fishing equipment - like a tent that costs five grand, it's just stupid.

"Fortunately for them there's a lake - and fortunately for me - that they wander off to every day after their hard work and they go and just sit there for hours on end just fishing."

The Mobo Award winners are set to play at this year's Wireless festival in Hyde Park and Tulisa says it's a great opportunity to bring in new fans.

She said: "I like festivals because I find them a challenge.

"You've got thousands of people there and they're not all there to see you.

"It's about winning the people over who are there to see a different act and making them walk away saying, 'I went there to see so and so, but you know what, I really loved the N-Dubz performance.'

"It's just a wicked vibe to have that many people in one place - performing for them."

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