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Limp Bizkit promise new material
By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit have been reunited after four years

Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst says the band is back in the studio recording their first new material since 2005's The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1).

The nu-metallers, who appeared at Download at the weekend, say they'll release a new album before Christmas.

Fred Durst said: "We're getting together our demos right now and we're going to go in and record them."

The band reunited with original guitarist Wes Boland for the first time in four years in February 2009.

He first left the band in 2001 and was replaced by Mike Smith for Limp Bizkit's fourth album Results May Vary.

This isn't a reunion, this isn't a cash in tour. This is a comeback
Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit

Wes Borland then rejoined for mini-album The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) but quit again a year later in 2006 without having played the material live.

Fred Durst says the time apart has done everyone good.

"Each member of the band became quite the expert at their instrument. We're more finely tuned than ever," he said.

"I'm having a great feeling about going in and doing our record, more than I have about any of our albums before.

"It's not going to be a watered down version of Limp Bizkit, it's going to be a more explosive, more addictive, more driven version of Limp Bizkit."

Limp's Return

Fred Durst also revealed he "didn't see" this year's comeback coming.

Since reuniting they've played a number of live dates in Europe.

Speaking after playing their first UK date back at Download festival, Donington Park, Fred Durst said: "I didn't see it coming but I'm glad that it happened."

Talking backstage while sat with his family on his dressing room sofa, the rapper defended the reasons behind the original quartet - Durst, guitarist Wes Borland, DJ Lethal, bassist Sam Rivers and drummer John Otto - having reconvened.

"This isn't a reunion, this isn't a cash in tour - this is a comeback," Durst said. "We're here to take it back and to sit on top of the mountain again.

"I always had my reservations but wishful thinking always. We never shut the door on Wes. He's like a brother.

"And family is forever, so what we've done is leave the door open and luckily Wes walked back through it. We have a long road ahead of us."

The band were returning to Download festival having cancelled a scheduled headline appearance in 2003.

"Today was just baby steps. We're going to come back to Download and headline it and give them what they deserve."

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