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Ex-Smiths star hails The Cribs
By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

Johnny Marr
Marr won the classic songwriter prize at the Mojo awards

Ex-Smiths star Johnny Marr has admitted that he thought long and hard before he agreed to work with The Cribs on their new album.

The guitarist, who has previously joined forces with Seattle band Modest Mouse, has teamed up with Wakefield trio for their fourth studio album.

"I considered it very carefully before I did it, it's quite a commitment," he admitted.

"But it was a fantastic venture and we've written some really great songs."

He continued: "I've just written one song with them called City Of Bugs and I think it's equal to Get The Message which I think was the best song I ever wrote when I was in (New Order side project) Electronic."

Marr confirmed The Cribs will be releasing the follow up to their 2007 album Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever in September.

The album's title will be Ignore The Ignorant.

Other tracks set to feature on the new record include Cheat On Me, Ignore The Ignorant, Last Year's Snow, Serve Your Secrets and Stick To Your Guns.

"I like being in a British singles band again and the album is jolly good," he added.

Marr recently teamed up for an unlikely collaboration with Girls Aloud on their 2008 album Out Of Control.

He played guitar on Rolling Back The Rivers and harmonica on Love Is The Key.

"Girls Aloud was a bit unexpected but it wasn't really work to be honest," he said.

"It was hearing a track and the producer saying, 'What would you play on that?' and me saying, 'That track needs this'.

"I played it and then I heard another track and I said, 'You need to put some harmonica on that'. I liked it and off we went. It was great."

The guitarist also re-iterated that The Smiths will not be reforming.

"I doubt you'll ever see Morrissey and me getting on stage again together unless he's interested in guesting with one of the bands I'm in.

"But I don't think that will happen."

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