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Script and Take That plan karaoke

Interview by Sarah Jane Griffiths
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Irish pop rock band The Script are one of the busiest bands on the planet at the moment. They're supporting Take That, they're appearing at the Isle of Wight festival and, to top all of that, they're playing five nights in a row in London. They told Newsbeat how they're coping and revealed Take That have even invited them to sing karaoke after their Dublin concert.

The Script
The boys can't wait for the UK festival run to begin

What was playing with Take That like? Did you get to chat to the guys?

Danny: Funnily enough, we normally do something when we have support. On our shows we'll always go down and make ourselves well known to the support acts and say, 'Listen. Whatever you guys want, if you wanna come in you can share all our food and drink that we have backstage'.

They did the exact same. We were walking the corridor and Howard came up to say hello, then Jason came up to say hello, then we met Gary, I think he was in the production room. Great guys, really, really nice guys. There's a saying that the bigger the star, the nicer they are and it seems to be that way with them.

What food did they have backstage? Anything that surprised you?

Glen: We went into their dressing room but I didn't see anything. They did have a lovely smell of incense in the air.

Danny: It's themed out because the name of the show is The Circus. So they have all the backstage themed out. They have unicycles and clowns and all sorts of stuff. They've themed out the whole show, which I think is very interesting.

Glen: They've also invited us to karaoke in Dublin after the show. They're going to have a bit of a night out.

Danny: The last thing you want to do after doing two hours worth of singing, well for me anyway, is go out and go singing.

Glen: I did that in Hamburg. I was drunk and I went out and I couldn't sing properly for a week afterwards because I was screaming when I was drunk and I hurt myself.

What are your favourite karaoke tunes? What might you be singing with Take That after the Dublin gig?

Glen: A bit of Frank Sinatra definitely.

Danny: I'm more of comedy. I might get up and do a bit of Ice Ice Baby or a bit of... In the jungle, the lion's jungle... They're my karaoke classics.

The festival season in the UK kicks off with the Isle of Wight and Download. Have you been playing many festivals so far this year?

The Script
The Script performed at Radio 1's Big Weekend earlier this year

Danny: We're well into it. As far as Europe goes, they started their festivals maybe two weeks, three weeks ago. So there's always somewhere to go to do a festival. There were some that we had to obviously say no to because there's so many bigger festivals that wanted us on board. It's been mental.

But the tandem that's been going on is we've been playing to these massive, massive audiences and it's getting bigger and bigger and we don't know how much longer we can continue on doing the five-night stand, which is why we wanted to the five-night stand in Shepherds Bush Empire.

Our fans, the first time around, a lot of them got to see us but not in that environment where you can literally catch the sweat from the singer's face and they're right up on you. We're doing the five nights in a row.

We could have booked out something bigger. Our promoter was saying, 'Look, you could have sold the 20,000 tickets if you wanted. But we just put 10,000 on sale for the five nights in a row, 2,000 people every night. And for the real hardcore fans it almost seems like it's gonna be the end of an era and the start of a new one. It's gonna be something very, very special.

Are you looking forward to the British festivals?

Danny: This is where it all started in the UK and Ireland so to bring what we've learned around the rest of the world home to the UK and Ireland, it's going to absolutely amazing.

Glen: Plus it is our home here now, we're all based in London. When I say, 'Great, I get to go home' I'm talking about London.

Danny: These festivals we've all started off on the new bands tent - first on, no sound check, playing to 30 people. This was three years ago. This time we're on the main stage at all these festivals and it's just incredible.

Will you have time to hang out backstage and see some other bands?

Danny: Only two nights ago - you know the band Madness? - I've been a fan since I was a kid. I saw a sign outside the door and I was like, 'Madness?' And it was like, 'Yeah, they're on two bands after you.' So as soon as we came off stage I went back, got my shower, got changed, glass of vino, headed out into the mosh pit and I was in the middle of it just rocking out to Madness, it was brilliant.

Glen: We got to meet them, got a picture with Sugs... and then when we were playing our set I looked to the right of the stage and there was the whole of Madness watching us play. Their drummer came down to our dressing room and was like: 'My wife's a big fan will you sign this for us?' And he said, 'I'm going to come and watch you guys.' I was like, 'Dude, you don't tell us that before we go on. Don't tell us that!"

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