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Hollywood Undead whip up a storm

By Newsbeat reporters Georgina Bowman and Damien Jones

Hollywood Undead
Hollywood Undead first made their mark on MySpace back in 2005

Meet America's most controversial new metal band.

Donning masks Slipknot would applaud and lyrics that'd even make Eminem wince, Hollywood Undead are set to cause a storm when they open Download ahead of Faith No More today.

"I'm going to try and get in some girl's tent," laughs frontman Johnny 3 Tears.

"Nah seriously we're stoked. Just to play in front of that many people and be there to have fun afterwards is something we're really looking forward to."

The Californian collective who are completed by Charlie Scene, J-Dog, Funny Man, Da Kurlzz and Deuce first made their mark on MySpace in 2005, banging up almost a million plays within their first nine weeks on the site.

Their popularity on the net continued to soar, pulling over 8 million hits by the turn of 2006.

But it took Hollywood Undead a further two years before they wrapped up recording sessions on their debut Swan Songs.

"It's a new style of music," Johnny argues. "You'll either love or hate it but we think it's pretty good."

'American slang'

Some people have criticised their lyrics for being homophobic.

Eminem is one of the most famous guys in the world and he gets away with a lot worse than we do

This is something the band are quick to deny.

"American slang is considered differently here," says Johnny.

"We don't want to offend anybody, people over here just have a misconception of what we're trying to say.

"Our lyrics have nothing to do with homophobia or misogynism or being rude to women or anything like that. I love my mum, what can I say?"

"Eminem is one of the most famous guys in the world and he gets away with a lot worse than we do," interjects J-Dog.

"We never meant to harm anyone or hurt anyone in any way."

Another factor which has drawn attention to the rock rappers is their masks.

"At first we wore the masks because we thought visually it was very cool for pictures and stuff," Johnny explains.

"It also captures the eye as well as the ear."

Scary masks

"Everyone has different masks and each person designs there own," Da Kurlzz reveals.

The band say Eminem's lyrics are more controversial than their own

"They are not the same as Slipknot though, they are more horrific about it. We wore them more to be fashionable."

The band's debut single and album opener Undead has already attracted the interest of video director Jonas Akerlund who was responsible for some The Prodigy's most controversial work.

Clocking in over 2 million YouTube views already, the track is also set to feature in the forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster GI Joe starring Sienna Miller and Christopher Ecclestone.

Despite their popularity on the net and in the States, Johnny says the band have some way to go before they crack the UK.

"Here we're starting over," he explains.

"We played a gig here recently and we were third on the bill. It's not like we're playing Wembley Stadium or anything. We're lucky to even have a dressing room."

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