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Mika pens 'teenage' second album
Interview by Newsbeat presenter Tulip Mazumdar

Mika wears shoes by Victoria Beckham's favourite designer, Charles Louboutin

Mika has described his forthcoming second album as a collection of songs "dealing with his adolescent teenage years".

The as-yet-untitled follow-up to his 2007 debut, Life In Cartoon Motion, is set to be released in September 2009.

The Brit Award winning singer-song writer said the record was a direct follow up to his debut.

He added: "The first album dealt with my childhood. This album in a sense is kind of part two."

The flamboyant pop star continued: "I became fascinated with the idea that on the first record I referenced a lot of nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

"When you're a kid you just sing them and you love them and you're put to sleep with them.

"But when you're a teenager you read them again and you realise its all about babies dying and people chopping off each other's body parts."

Two of the tracks set to appear on the record - Blue Eyes and Toy Boy - recently featured on his debut EP Songs For Sorrow, which the singer said acted "as a bridge between first and second album".

"Toy Boy talks about life through the eyes of this little boy doll who wrestles for the affections of the boy that owns him," he explained.

Mika has recently become friends with Lady Gaga

"But he gets rejected and taken on by the mother who turns him into a voodoo doll for his father who has left her.

"Its sad because he ends up slightly dismembered with pins in his eyes dying in a cupboard."

Despite its dark themes, the singer said the album also deals with teenage joy.

"I think that is very much a sign of someone's teenage years because in order to be truly joyful you have to let your barriers fall down," he argued.

"As we get older we construct those barriers a lot more solidly and it's a lot harder to get rid of them.

"So that kind of fragile no holds barred totally unselfconscious joy is very much something that was present in my teenage years."

Mika, whose debut sold more than five million copies worldwide, has recently become friends with chart topper Lady Gaga.

"I met her at one of her shows in LA," he revealed. "I listened to a lot of her music but it wasn't until I saw her live that I really put the pieces together with her.

"I really admire the fact she writes all that stuff and she cares so much about what she does and there's so much concept and construct behind everything.

"I know she polarises opinion but that is only a good thing."

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