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Kasabian: 'Oasis are so iconic'

Fresh from supporting Oasis at their hat-trick of homecoming shows in Manchester, Leicester rockers Kasabian speak to Newsbeat about flying in a helicopter with Liam Gallagher, their new album and scoring their highest chart hit ever with new single Fire.

Kasabian said they would love to stage a huge gig in Leicester

You played the opening night on Thursday, how was that?

Serge Pizzorno (guitarist): It was amazing and nice to get the first one out of the way. We'd been looking forward to it for so long and it was just a really good night.

Oasis came on and the generators blew up which was kind of strange but they went back out and blew the crowd away.

Is it one of the biggest crowds you've played to?

Serge: No I think Glastonbury is probably the biggest but it's right up there because you can't really see the end of the crowd. For three nights there were around 210,000 people.

Tom Meighan (singer): It's a really big crowd. It's horrific actually. They're separated into two pens.

Have you had time to hang out with the other bands playing on the tour?

Serge: Yeah we went out with Liam which was amazing because we went in a helicopter and had some dinner by this lake in Scotland.

It was beautiful. We had a good chat and a catch up. Seeing England from a helicopter is kind of strange as well. You get a real sense of where you're from and the nation.

Did you manage to watch Oasis on the opening night?

Serge: We didn't no. When they came off the second time there was talk of them not going back on and we had to get out. Our tour manager said, 'Look we'd better go because if they don't come back on you'd better give them (Oasis) their space'. A few mates went though and they said it was amazing.

What is it about Oasis that still means they're one of the biggest bands in the world when you watch them live?

Tom: They're iconic rock stars and there's not many left of them like that. You've got to remember they were huge and they still are huge, they're massive. It's the enigma, its just Oasis, they're still here after 15 years.

You did three nights at Leicester's De Mountfort Hall recently. How was that?

Serge: It's nice to start the tour back in Leicester once again. We played it a couple of years ago but this time it felt like a massive gig for such a little place and it was probably one of the best gigs we've ever done.

Does it whet a band like Kasabian's appetite to really kick on and be as big as Oasis in a few years time?

Serge: Of course yeah and it would amazing to do big gigs like this in Leicester for us because that city has never seen anything like it.

Your new album is out today too. How do you feel about that coming out?

Tom: We're just really pleased to finally get it out now. We've never had a summer record so we're really pleased to get it out.

Serge: Even with [the single] Fire it's gone beyond anything we expected. It's a great record and we really believe in it but it's not your average pop song. I think that's why people have really dug it because it doesn't sound like anything else.

Apart from the single what else can people expect?

Serge: It's a very ambitious record, it's very experimental. You have to sit there with your headphones on and give it a really good listen from start to finish. After a while it will make total sense.

I think it's a really important record and this decade needs West Ryder [Pauper Lunatic Asylum] out there just to put the icing on the cake.

There's been loads of great music made but things that have made a dent on the bigger scale haven't been that exciting or very different but I think this album is.

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