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Take That start Circus Live tour

Interview by Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Gary Barlow

Take That start the biggest-selling UK tour ever, tonight (Friday 5 June), at Sunderland's Stadium of Light. The Circus Live includes four nights at Wembley Stadium. Lead singer Gary Barlow says rehearsals have been going well and that they're not nervous at all.

How have rehearsals been going. Are you ready to go on stage?

Rehearsals have been going very, very well. I've even remembered all the words now. It should all be in order by tonight (Friday). We've been planning this for about nine months now so we do know the show very, very well. It's a very technical show, we're doing things that have never been done on stage before. We've got a massive cast with us, and an enormous crew, but it's coming together really well.

What are those things that haven't been done before?

I can't give you any hints, just come and see the show and get ready to be blown away. These are the biggest and best shows we have ever done.

Have rehearsals been quite gruelling?

Yep, they've been pretty gruelling. We've been rehearsing for eight weeks now, so we are feeling a bit fitter. It's going to be a work-out every night that's for sure, but our shows are always energetic. The idea is to give the crowd the night of their lives.

Set wise, is it pretty elaborate to look at?

It's extremely elaborate. Our very first tour in 1991, we had one truck and one bus. This time we've got 58 artic trucks. We've got 238 crew, 40 people on stage alongside us. It's bigger than anything we have ever done. We're going to play to 1.2 million people on this tour. It's a moment for us this is.

It's the biggest selling UK tour ever. Is there added pressure that goes with that?

I think we always rise to the challenge and enjoy people anticipating what we are going to do next. I think we are very confident with the show we've got. Our audience are the best audience we could have, they react and make noise, they really come ready for a good night.

What can people expect from the set?

We like to do the old stuff, but it obviously features a lot of stuff from the new album. There's something in there for everyone.

Any nerves?

None at all from me. But some of the other lads might be nervous. I just love to get on there.

Gary Barlow was speaking to Newsbeat music reporter Greg Cochrane.

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