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2 Many DJs working on '24 albums'
By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

2 Many DJs
2 Many DJs say they'll release music via their official website

2 Many DJs say they plan to release 24 new albums of material through their own online radio station.

David and Stephen Dewaele will stream the compilations on their official website.

The pair also confirmed that they will return to the studio to begin recording a new album with daytime project Soulwax.

David Dewaele said: "We're going to be working on the disc so hopefully in the new year there will be something new."

Future plans

Speaking about the pair's future plans he added: "With 2 Many DJs we're doing this thing where people keep asking us to do a compilation CD, and instead of doing a CD, we're doing a range of 24 compilations.

"We're putting them online as a radio station so it's 24 hours a day."

A date has yet to be set for the project to begin.

Meanwhile, the brothers confirmed original band Soulwax will begin on the follow up to 2005's Nite Versions.

Over the summer we're going to be working on the new album so hopefully in the new year there will be something new
David Dewaele, Soulwax and 2 Many DJs

David Dewaele also commented on the ongoing debate surrounding the result of the Pirate Bay court case and illegal file-sharing.

"I don't see what we're fighting…it's too late," he said with regards to downloading music online. "It's a bit sad - that court case is just silly. Music between now and a few years... we'll be looking back thinking, 'Wow. How silly that was, music is just free'.

"In future music is just going to be like electricity or running water, you'll pay a small fee but it will just basically be free.

"Everything that is around it will make money like merchandise or live gigs or publishing or ads."

The band released on-tour DVD Part Of The Weekend Never Dies in 2008.

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