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Ne-Yo: 'I'm huge Lily Allen fan'

By Sarah Jane Griffiths and Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat entertainment reporters


The Enemy might have been chuffed to hold the title of Sunday night headliners on the In New Music We Trust Stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Swindon.

But that doesn't mean they weren't a little bit upset about missing out on some Prodigy action on the main stage.

"I really want to see them", Tom confessed, "but haven't had a chance as we were on stage.

I'm really a huge fan of her work, I want to sit down and just have a conversation with her
Ne-Yo on being a fan of Lily Allen

"We thought about bringing back the interval and having a little one mid-set so we could go off and watch The Prodigy. I'm a bit gutted to be honest."

But Tom knew just the way to get over it.

Having just flown in from Miami, the band were off in search of some Englishness - a cheese sandwich.

Hopefully they didn't go straying anywhere near Ladyhawke's food stash.

"I ate something on the way here that I had a reaction to and I've just been really ill ever since," the singer told Newsbeat after she came off stage, although admitted it probably had something to do with her allergies.

"I've been horrible today. I've been sitting side of stage with the ambulance crew with two minutes to go on! Oh well them's the breaks."

Power cut

Ladyhawke told Newsbeat she was a bit disappointed with the set.

She said: "There were a few technical problems, which made me feel like I was in an episode of Faulty Towers! But apart from that it was alright. I had fun and the crowd were amazing."

Technical problems were all the rage when it came to The Prodigy's headline set, but the band shrugged off a 10-minute power cut going on to deliver a storming set of classics.

Keith Flint from The Prodigy
The Prodigy's set was interrupted by a 10-minute power cut

"Hey man, we bust sound systems, that's what we do!" laughed Keith Flint, who was earlier spotted indulging in some serious stretching to limber up before they went on stage. "Awesome crowd. As good as it gets, you know."

The band soon got the tent back to the sweaty state it had been in earlier, when US superstar Ne-Yo opened proceedings on the main stage.

"There's no room to walk or breathe. None of that stuff can happen in there," he told Newsbeat as he came off stage mopping his brow.

Ne-Yo had already chucked his sweaty towel into the crowd. "They digged that," he said. "I don't know, something about cloth and sweat that makes a crowd go nuts. Lucky or unlucky depending on what I smell like right now!"

Ne-Yo had a big, but possibly unlikely fan, in Paul from Maximo Park, who was dancing and singing along word perfect at the side of the stage.

"He just writes great songs," he explained. "He's got a great voice, and he's got the moves and he's got a cool hat. So he's kind of my idol!" he laughed.

Music fans

Ne-Yo on the other hand had some favourites of his own.

"I'm a huge, huge Lily Allen fan, and Franz Ferdinand. I know Lily's back there somewhere, I'm gonna go pick her brain.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen was dragged home by dad Keith after The Prodigy

"I'm really a huge fan of her work, I want to sit down and just have a conversation with her."

Lily Allen had brought her dad Keith and three-year-old sister Teddy Rose with her though for a bit of a family day out.

"They should be coming up to congratulate me any minute," she told Newsbeat as she came off stage.

"I walked Teddy Rose round earlier, I had my sunglasses and jeans and jacket and no one recognised me it was great. Just being big sister, it was really nice."

Dad Keith was later seen dragging Lily away from The Prodigy's finale.

Meanwhile Tinchy Stryder was finding it harder to approach the stars.

"I've been star struck back there," he told Newsbeat after he came off the INMWT stage.

"I've met a lot of people, everyone's cool, I met Akon, Kelly Rowland and hanging with N-Dubz."

Onstage nerves

Tinchy got Dappy from N-Dubz on stage with him to perform their track Number One, and he joined the band during their set on the main stage too.

Dabby was feeling generous and handed out a few Dappy hats to fans: "They loved that. When I asked who wants a Dappy hat, that's when I saw who was really interested.

Fazer and Tulisa from N-Dubz
N-Dubz kicked off Sunday's proceedings at Big Weekend

"We won them over though. We was aiming for the ones that weren't N-Dubz fans. I think we converted them!"

Scouting for Girls told Newsbeat they didn't need any converting though.

They said: "N-Dubz are really big fans of Scouting for Girls and I really love N-Dubz as well," frontman Roy told Newsbeat. "So we've got a bit of a mutual appreciation society going on."

Roy was whispering as he'd just lost his voice on stage.

"It's the first show we've done all year so I just said I was going to give it everything. Maybe a bit too much!

"The crowd were amazing though they just rallied round. This show is unique."

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