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La Roux's 'unexpected' chart success

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Elly Jackson talks about the success of In For The Kill, why she's tired of the 80s and the video for new single Bulletproof.

Exclusive! Watch La Roux's new video for Bulletproof

In For The Kill is still riding high at number two in the UK singles chart right now, how do you feel about that?

Elly Jackson: It's amazing, that's so unexpected. None of us expected it to do that at all. Me and Ben [Langmaid, co-producer] have had faith in it and we always thought it had potential to go far but we were never sure if other people were going to feel the same or if other people were going to like it. We know it has a Marmite effect vocally.

Some people don't like it or they find it a bit annoying which is totally fine. We knew that when we wrote it that it was going to be a love/hate thing. It's just always really lovely when music speaks for itself like that. Without it being rammed down people's throats and without it getting played 10 times a day on the radio people still bought it and got excited about it. Which is all any musician could ever hope for.

The video for Bulletproof showcases some spectacular eye make-up. Whose idea was that?

Mine and my make-up artists really. She's called Liz - she comes down with a massive selection of stuff. Obviously with videos and directors there's a very clear colour scheme for each set up. There were four or five different set ups in the video. Directors have very specific ideas about what colours they want and each kind of shot so that they can chop the video up and have different themes going on. They made it quite clear what they wanted, - so it's them and us working out exactly what we want that to be.

What was your first reaction to the clip?

I loved it. Obviously the first time you see it's still got all the green screen stuff in it so it's just a clip of you looking like a bit of an idiot walking in a green room on a travelator and it turns into this whole other world. I saw the finished version last week and I love it. I love the fact that it's not 80s - that was really what I wanted from this video. I don't want every video and every single thing from here on out to be this 80s recurring theme. I didn't just want to be seen as an 80s revival artist and that was really important to me in this video. It's a really good, contemporary, slick looking video - without looking too American as well which is really important.

How do you feel about the constant comparisons being drawn between yourself and the 80s?

I mean, don't get me wrong. I could talk about the 80s all day and I could talk about 80s music and I do listen to mostly 80s music. But that doesn't mean I want to continue talking about 80s stuff when I'm talking about my music. It just cheapens the whole thing. It just makes it all seem like a joke for some reason if you talk about the 80s too much and I definitely don't want to be seen like that. So, its just important to talk music in its own context and not talk about 80s stuff too much. Everyone knows we're referencing the 80s, it doesn't need to be spoken about.

I don't want every video and every single thing from here on out to be this 80s recurring theme
Elly Jackson, La Roux

There's loads of other stuff that we reference but obviously people would rather talk about the 80s stuff. There's silly questions like, 'Urgh, how come you like the 80s so much when you weren't there?' and I'm like 'Well, I wasn't in the 50s either and I like rock 'n' roll, is that alright or are you going to have a problem with that?' Do you know what I mean? Just weird questions.

What's the song Bulletproof all about?

For me Bulletproof is just about looking at a situation that's usually a reoccurring one. It could be to do with anything in your life - whatever you want it to be about. I don't like being specific about what my tracks are about to me because its not really about that. It serves its purpose for me and once you put it out into the public - it then becomes what anyone wants it to be about.

But it's just vaguely about, realising there's a reoccurring situation in your life, something which keeps happening to you or keeps knocking you back. Something that you can't quite get over. It's about going to yourself, 'No, I'm not going to do this to myself again because it's not good for me and I'm going to be bulletproof'.

Elly Jackson from La Roux was talking to Newsbeat music reporter Greg Cochrane.

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