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Kasabian plan 'loudest ever show'

Kasabian say they're planning on being louder than everyone else when they take on the main stage on Saturday at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Swindon.

Kasabian are playing in Swindon twice this year

The band are part of a line up which includes Calvin Harris, Dizzee Rascal and The Script.

Serge Pizzorno from the band said their sound was going to be "high energy rock 'n' roll".

He added: "I think the bill needs a bit of dirt."

Singer Tom Meighan described it as: "Like fireworks at Alton Towers, it's gonna go everywhere."

It's the first time the band have played Swindon, but they'll be back again soon as the town also happens to be on their summer tour.

But the boys say the fact that Big Weekend is free is a real bonus in the credit crunch times.

Tom said: "With the time of the recession and stuff it's a good time. Giving music to the people."

Serge added: "Seeing music for free - that's wonderful."

The boys are playing alongside headliners Snow Patrol and frontman Gary Lightbody admitted that the responsibility was a bit daunting.

You know that's scary because everyone's having a great time out there and then it's your responsibility to say: 'Hi, you're going to have a better time now'
Felix from Basement Jaxx

He said: "It's always more nerve-wracking than doing anywhere else on the bill.

"We've only just recently in the last two years headlined festivals. We're pretty new at it, so it's a bit of a big responsibility. Once you get on stage you don't think about it any more."

Stage fright

And nerves are something Basement Jaxx are also familiar with.

Felix and Simon from the band agreed that carrying on the mantle at a festival can be tricky stuff.

Felix said: "Sunderland [a previous Big Weekend venue] we did last time, and we were on just before Jamiroquai. And they were scared about going on because it was all going off.

The Wombats
The Wombats say they may bring back their 10 foot inflatable

"We've been in that situation. You know that's scary because everyone's having a great time out there and then it's your responsibility to say, 'Hi, you're going to have a better time now'."

The Wombats are also on Saturday's bill and have been toying with some new ideas to get the crowd going, like last year's backstage Wombat-themed bar.


Murph said: "Last year we had the Wom-bar and we don't know whether to leave that there as a landmark in history or to try and bring back something.

"Wom-boat and Wom-barbecue have been thrown around but sadly there's no rivers there and we don't really eat barbecues."

Murph said he had happy memories of his last Big Weekend experience where the band's 10 foot inflatable Wombat was introduced.

He added: "It's a great atmosphere and it's giving it back to the taxpayer isn't it? So it's quite a nice thing to happen in the summer."

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