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Basement Jaxx pull in the stars

By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

The dance pioneers get down and dirty with Santigold, Lightspeed Champion, Yo! Majesty and Sam Sparro.

Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx are putting the finishing touches to their new album Scars

It's bang on 10 years since Basement Jaxx first broke out of the Brixton underground with their debut album Remedy.

Spawning dance floor fillers such as Red Alert and Rendez Vu, Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe have continued to fire out chart hits for fun.

Now the dance duo, who once filled in for Kylie at Glastonbury and collected a Grammy for their 2003 album Kish Kash, are back with a gaggle of guests for their fifth long player Scars.

Born out of a bit of "fun with a few friends" their latest album snowballed, as everyone from Yoko Ono to Yo! Majesty, Santigold and Sam Sparro jumped on board.

"We didn't set out with a checklist or anything going, 'We'll do a song with that person, that person and that person'," says Felix.

We just seemed to pick up a load different stars

"We just went to New York hoping to record Yoko because we'd heard she was a fan of the band.

"But Santogold [now Santigold] was there too and Yo! Majesty were nearby in Tampa so we asked them to come on board too.

"From there we just seemed to pick up a load different stars like Lightspeed Champion, Kelis and Sam Sparro along the way."

Of the new tracks on their forthcoming album, Saga (You're Limiting All The Possibilities) was the one which surprised Felix the most.

"I'd had an argument with my girlfriend on the way into the studio and I did a quick song and recorded it before Santigold arrived," he says.

"There were some really angry lyrics on there and when Santi heard it, she was like 'That's wicked I really want to sing it'. So we ended up re-recording it there and then."

Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx performing earlier in their career

The pair got another shock when rap duo Yo! Majesty dropped by to lay down their vocals.

"We were in this tiny room," gestures an animated Felix.

"There was a sound engineer shaking his head going, 'I've never seen anything like this ever'.

"It was great. They were a real refreshing slap in the face."

Their time with Lightspeed Champion, meanwhile proved to be far less eye popping.

"We recorded a song called My Turn with him back over at our studio at Loughborough junction.

"He came down a couple of times and he was great to work with, really cool. We actually did a rap track with him as well which might see the light of day at some stage."

By the time dance duo finished up, they had enough material for a double album.

"The idea was initially to put out two CDs," Simon reveals.

"One was your more snappy Basement Jaxx which people know us for and the other one was more ambient bath music full of atmospheric noodlings which we needed to get out of our system.

"In the end we just decided to do the one album," interrupts Felix.

"We'll probably release it as a mini album when we get the chance."

In Australia Sam Sparro jumped onstage for the encore in Sydney
Simon Ractliffe

The dance duo are midway through a UK tour which winds up at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Swindon.

Later in the year, they're also set to appear at the Isle Of Wight and Big Chill festivals. Along the way the pair are planning to pull in a few familiar faces.

"In Australia Sam Sparro joined us in Sydney," reveals Simon. "He came to the show and jumped on stage for the encore.

"So if someone's available and they're up for coming then they may well make an appearance."

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