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The Big Pink slam indie cool tag

By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

London's burgeoning electro duo talk about the hype, house parties and £5 haircuts.

The Big Pink
The Big Pink are set to get to work on their debut at Electric Lady Studios

"I don't think we're a cool band at all," snaps The Big Pink's keyboard punching mastermind Milo Cordell.

"We're not part of a scene, we just hang around with bands socially."

"Yeah we just like to party," interjects his partner in pink Robbie Furze.

Shaking off this year's indie cool tag (after Klaxons and MGMT) is a pretty tall order for The Big Pink right now especially when your home is one of the biggest indie party havens in east London.

Add to that an NME award, running a supercool record label, a famous dad producer and the fact both Jamie Reynolds and Jack Penate are former lodgers, and it's hardly surprising there's a whirlwind of hype sweeping around this London duo at the minute.

Talk about indie cool. Heck they're even handing out 'The Big Pink haircuts' for a fiver at their gigs.

The only pressure we feel is the pressure to do good shows and knowing that we've got to deliver a cool record
Robbie Furze
The Big Pink

"Seriously that's not the case," says Cordell defensively ahead of their first proper London show at the ICA.

"We're really not like that all and our home isn't a party haven.

"It is more of a safe house for bands if they need to come and stay.

"Having said that I have had a lot of people stay at my house," laughs Cordell.

Despite recently picking up the Philip Hall Radar Award at the NME Awards, the last thing the electro duo say they're feeling right now is pressure.

"The only pressure we feel is the pressure to do good shows and knowing that we've got to deliver a cool record which we will do," shrugs Furze.

"Still it was weird winning that award [previously won by Glasvegas and Franz Ferdinand] because we had no idea."

"Yeah I just remember going up onstage and having to make a speech," Cordell recalls.

"It was the biggest audience I've ever sat in front of. I just was like, 'Thank you, thank you very much. Bye."

The Big Pink
Milo Cordell and Roobie Furze from The Big Pink

Cordell's life has been bathed in rock n roll from an early age thanks to his late father Denny, who famously produced 60s anthems such as Joe Cocker's I Get By With A little Help From My Friends and Procol Harum's A Whiter Shade Of Pale.

"My dad didn't help get me into the music business but he definitely had a big influence on me in terms of listening to music," he explains.

"I remember listening to a lot of his old records when I was young. I was listening to soul records, Elvis, punk, country and blues.

"From there I started finding my own music and started listening to The Velvet Underground and My Bloody Valentine."

The latter in particular had a huge hand in shaping The Big Pink's own monstrous wall of sound and feedback drenched anthems as did Spiritualized and Smashing Pumpkins.

"Our songs are quite varied," argues Cordell. "We have slow jams, we've got songs with a lot of beats, a lot of noise and a lot of soul."

Eleven of those songs including current single Velvet, A Brief History Of Love, Love In Vein and War With The Sun are slated to feature on their forthcoming debut which the pair plan to lay down at New York's Electric Lady studios next month.

"Every song is a love song and most of them are about girls," says Cordell.

"We basically went out with girls at pretty much the same time and they were were painful, drawn out affairs which we're still dealing with now."

Every song is a love song and most of them are about girls
Milo Cordell
The Big Pink

The electro duo were hoping Alan Moulder [My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins] would add his magic touch to production duties after he worked on their early demos.

But their dream collaboration fell through.

"We did Velvet with him but it's not going to work out for the album unfortunately because he's busy," says Cordell disappointingly.

"So we're going to produce it ourselves and get Rich Costey [Glasvegas, Muse] to mix it."

Coming from a guy who first brought our attention to Klaxons, Crystal Castles and the Teenagers through his own Merok Records label, it's no surprise Cordell is so focused about The Big Pink's future.

"We've got a plan in our heads and that's to record our album," he concludes.

"Anything that comes along the way isn't really down to us, it's down to everyone around us."

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