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Introducing... Tame Impala

By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

Meet MGMT's best new mates. They're whipping up bigger waves than Bondi Beach on a bad day.

Tame Impala
The psych trio recently hit the road with MGMT for a tour down under

Australia is a hot bed of rising new talent right now. Empire Of The Sun, Ladyhawke (OK she's from New Zealand) and The Temper Trap have all recently stamped their Antipodean pop mark on the UK.

Now Perth trio Tame Impala look destined to ride similar waves with their fuzzed out 60s garage rock.

Coming on like Jimi Hendrix backing blues legends Cream, these hippy rockers sound so retro, it's almost as if they stumbled across a time machine at Woodstock and whisked themselves off to 2009.

"I just really like bands from that 60s era and felt the need to use their sonic sounds for our own recordings," confesses singer Kevin Parker as helicopters whirr above the rooftop of their London label headquarters Modular Recordings.

"I just like things that are rumbly and smooth. So the first thing I go for is that 60s garage rock sound."

The boyish frontman is no stranger to the music game having jammed and wigged out in various bands over the last 10 years.

He eventually settled into his current guise with bassist Dominic Simper and drummer Jay Watson, 18 months ago.

Tame Impala, the facts

WHAT: The second wave of the Summer Of Love

FOR FANS OF: MGMT, Kings Of Leon, Black Angels

DOWNLOAD: Skeleton Tiger


LIVE: Possible UK tour this summer

"Dom and I have been playing in bands for years," he says.

"We all jammed together with friends and other bands in Perth.

"Then we dragged Jay into the Tame Impala circle."

The psych trio have already had a taste of the big time after hitting the road with MGMT during a recent tour down under.

"The first show we saw them we were like, 'Woah it's Andrew (Vanwyngarden) from MGMT," says Dom excitedly.

"But the rest of the week we were like, 'Oh it's the guys from MGMT, let's hang out'."

"It was great touring with them," Kevin interjects. "And it was relieving to know they're just good people, and their egos haven't taken over the band."

For anyone who caught Tame Impala, named partly after a medium-sized antelope, at the tiny Lexington disco bar the other week, you'll already be familiar with the jam stomping Skeleton Tiger and rumbling fuzz rocker Desire Be Desire Go.

Both tracks lifted from the self-titled EP, are likely to feature on their forthcoming debut which Parker has already started laying down.

Tame Impala
Their 60s garage rock has been compared to Jimi Hendrix
"I just figured it would be good to produce the album ourselves and not try and get every hotshot from LA to do it," he affirms.

"A lot of the tracks we recorded on the EP were quite lazy and didn't have proper endings, I was just throwing them down without really feeling the need to perfect them. I think it'll be different on the album."

As for the current Antipodean invasion of the UK, Tame Impala remain excited but blissfully unaware of their pop peers.

"It's good Aussie bands are doing well over here," he says supportively.

"I quite like Empire Of The Sun and I've heard they're making some footsteps over here which is great.

"As for The Temper Trap I've heard of them but haven't heard any of their songs yet."

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