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Fall Out Boy step up to stadiums

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Pete Wentz talks about UK crowds, Twitter and his bid to own Michael Jackson's golf cart.

Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy are currently on a world tour

Love or detest them, Fall Out Boy are a phenomenon.

Ringleaders in the emo explosion of a few years ago alongside the likes of Panic At The Disco and My Chemical Romance, the band - Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman - are now one of America's most successful exports.

On this side of the Atlantic, they're now playing the biggest arenas the UK has to offer.

Indeed, wherever they go - recently Singapore, the Philippines and Japan - their pyro-fuelled live show is getting a jubilant reaction.

Live show

"We make it [the show] like the Wizard Of Oz," says Wentz before heralding UK fans as 'ravenous'. "It's big, and as long as you've got fire you're going to be alright."

Over the course of their eight-year career the Illinois foursome's transition through playing clubs, theatres and now stadiums has been a rapid, but smooth one.

"If you're able to entertain a crowd in venues both those sizes then I think you're doing alright," he says. "Of course certain things don't fit in smaller venues - you can't rely on as many tricks.

Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy playing in Radio 1's Live Lounge

"You've just got to be a good band - that's what we try to do."

He admits though he's still getting to grips with the songs on the band's latest, and fifth, album Folie a Deux.

"We're kind of different to other bands because when we record our record we learn the songs then forget them.

"I forget a lot - I forget most of the stuff," he laughs.

The LP, released last winter, was greeted with a mixed response from critics but fans lapped it up.

"I know that some of our songs and records are going to be better than others - that's the nature of being an artist," Wentz admits.

"I mean, I don't know any artist in any category whether it's visual art, whether it's movies or music who puts out every single piece of art that people are absolutely enamoured with.

"I'm ready to ride the rollercoaster - I know it'll go up and down."

Social networking

Key to Fall Out Boy's success so far has been their omni-presence on social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and now Twitter.

Tools the band use to connect with fans.

"I look at a guy like Shaquille O'Neil - that guy uses Twitter the most perfectly you ever could. I try to follow someone like that's lead," says Wentz.

"Had I been able to interact with certain people that I looked up to in music years ago that would have been a really cool thing.

"Sometimes I feel like interacting, sometimes I don't and the cool thing is that it allows the level that you want to interact with people."

Of course, attention is often focused on Wentz in particular because of his marriage to American singer Ashlee Simpson and the birth of their child Bronx Mowgli.

We're kind of different to other bands because when we record our record we learn the songs then forget them
Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy

"You're able to disarm rumours and tabloids," he says of Twitter's uses.

"I don't really love it [the media attention] to be honest. I guess it's just something which goes along with who I am."

Jackson fan

Just 24 hours before Fall Out Boy play London's O2, Michael Jackson appeared to announce his summer residency at the venue.

Pete - along with the rest of the band - is a huge fan. Last year they covered Beat It and released it as a single.

Wentz wants to bid on some of the star's Neverland possessions if they become available for auction.

He's got his eye on one item in particular.

"That golf cart which has him dressed up with Peter Pan on the front of it," he laughs.

"It's kind of amazing to have a chance to see him again - I'll come to London to do it."

"Have you seen the movie The Prestige?" he asks. "I think there is potential that this is all part of the act, part of the illusion that he will be out onstage and be dancing like the same old Michael and that he has everybody tricked.

"I think that anything is possible with it."

Whilst Pete himself will be back in July to see Jacko his band might also be, as they're expected to return to the UK for a summer of festivals.

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