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Introducing...Chew Lips

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Blagging their way to a record deal and singing on a washing machine. Herald south London's disco-indie starlets.

Chew Lips
Chew Lips [L-R]: Will, Tigs and James

"I'm in charge - that'll be me," says Chew Lips' lead singer Tigs sandwiched between her band mates on a sofa.

"I don't care about sounding like a dictator," she quips. "But I'm not a dictator, am I?"

"No," says guitarist James, pausing. "We just agree to do what you say."

Welcome Chew Lips. There maybe some confusion about their name, but there isn't any confusion about who is in charge.

Many plaudits

Band hierarchy aside, the south London trio [bassist Will completes the line up] are quickly earning plaudits with their delicious mix of Yeah Yeah Yeahs take on white-soul and LCD Soundsystem-esque electrical rhythms.

Chief amongst their admirers, so far, is Radio 1's Steve Lamacq who promptly booked them for last autumn's BBC Electric Proms festival - only their 15th gig.

"It's probably no more than 25 I wouldn't have thought," calculates Tigs on their current count.

Chew Lips, the facts

WHAT:Three way indie-disco sparkle dust

FOR FANS OF: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem, The Gossip



LIVE: UK dates throughout March

Kitchen gigs

Indeed, the fledgling unit only played their first gig in a friend's kitchen in spring 2008.

"It was a riot," recalls Tigs. "Absolutely packed."

"We played and we were a bit worse for wear - I forgot all the words."

James: "You [Tigs] ended up singing on the washing machine."

This was shortly after they'd settled on their confusing moniker [those who search Tulips on MySpace won't find them].

"It's cute, it's a bit dirty, a bit sexy maybe," says James of the Brendan Behan [author] inspired name. "I was confident enough when I got the name to get the MySpace without telling the others - it always going to be the band name."

Soon after destroying the draws and cupboards at their friend's party industry interest rose.

They release their debut single Solo on 23 March through French imprint Kitsune. Cue: another tale of mischievousness.

"He [Gildas Loaec - label boss] actually MySpaced us and said 'What's the plan?'" says James. "And we sent one back a cheeky thing going 'We'd like to do a single on Kitsune and then take over the world'".

"We always do that - we're quite cheeky."

Chew Lips
Chew Lips relax on their first visit Radio 1

Cheeky is the right word for their live appearances too. A show which sees Tigs preening and provoking the audience whilst the gents energetically back her up.

"I'm never nervous," she says. "Before I go onstage I'm just like 'Make it amazing'.

"It always has to be the best show that I've ever done."

"We're not one of those bands who stand there and thinks 'Oh we're cool, we don't need to do anything'" adds James.

The future

In the immediate moment they're plotting tours and filming a video for Solo in Berlin.

"We're going to this old communist shut-down theme park with broken down rides and tress growing out of rollercoasters," Tigs laughs. "We're hiring tuxedos."

That's before they head into the studio to begin recording their debut album with a top secret producer [they'd have liked their hero James Murphy].

"There is no point holding back anything from the first record," says Tigs. "Because you never know if you'll get to take another record so throw it all at it."

"I listen to Classic Gold that's the music that influences me - the songs that have lasted 40 years," she concludes. "We want our songs to last past 2009."

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