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Introducing...Little Comets

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Hanging kitchen tools from the ceiling and wearing thermal undies Newcastle's literate-pop quartet might be gigging in a lecture theatre near you.

Little Comets
Little Comets begin a UK tour in March

"Most lecturers cower in the corner as if to say 'Who are these four lunatics interrupting my lecture?'" says Little Comets' lead singer Robbie.

Meet Little Comets, Newcastle-upon-Tyne's answer to Mystery Jets and a gang of four - brothers Robbie and Mickey plus friends Matt and Mark - who enjoy terrorising intellectuals and frightening the public.

"You get the occasional one which just goes for you," he laughs. "It's never the big, burly bloke it's the small wispy looking woman who just shrieks and runs at you."

Unconventional gigs

Right from their inception in 2008 they decided straight away standard gigs on stages weren't for them.

"We do a lot of gigs in university lecture halls, bursting in on trams and Metros and different methods of public transport," puffs the singer. "It all comes from Mickey.

"It usually takes about two hours for him to persuade us that it's actually a good idea. We're often stood there thinking 'Hang on are we going to get arrested for this?'

"He's trying to persuade us to do call centres at the minute and he's also got an idea about fire alarms but I don't know if that's a good one."

Little Comets, the facts

WHAT:Kitchen sink indie pop

FOR FANS OF: Mystery Jets, Franz Ferdinand, British Sea Power, Supergrass

DOWNLOAD: One Night In October


LIVE: Full UK tour in March 2009

Listen to Little Comets' percussive mix of clanging pans and blues-y guitar and you can hear that mischievousness oozing from their songs.

Not really a surprise, they've been pulling pranks for a long time.

"Me Dad rang around all the schools to find a good drummer," says Robbie, recalling their beginnings. "We were so young at that point [aged 12 in fact] we needed someone to push us in the right direction.

"Then Matt kind of wandered into a rehearsal room at the start of last year."

With that chance encounter, the band, in its current form, was born. Their first official single One Night In October was released last week [9 February].

"I think a lot of our songs it's like you're a fly on the wall observing a situation and watching it from the point of the view of the furniture," Robbie says.

"It's just the story of two people in a relationship who keep arguing almost like they're banging their heads against the wall all the time.

"It's a standard tail of a desperate relationship."

Rehearsal spaces

As with their unconventional approach to gigging - they're often found hanging kitchen pots from the rafters of venues - the band don't rehearse in a regular space either.

"We had an office block before Christmas which we got thrown out of - the guy who rented us a room didn't realise that we were a band," he says.

We prefer places that are a bit smashed up - when we do recording we record anywhere but the studio
Robbie, Little Comets

"Last week we were using a disused television centre," he shivers. "We've invested in some thermal trousers which are coming in very handy.

"We prefer places that are a bit smashed up - when we do recording we record anywhere but the studio."

Moreover, they're the first to admit that they're more bookish than their cheeky adventures might suggest.

"I shouldn't really say it but we're not into rock 'n' roll stuff," says Robbie explaining how he's just finished reading novels by Ernest Hemingway ["really relaxing"] and Albert Camus.

The next chapter of Little Comets' own particular story? Not just a self-produced, possibly self-released debut album.

"We'd like to hit a really huge lecture theatre in a prestigious university," says Robbie looking into the future. "To really put the cat amongst the pigeons."

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