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Introducing...The Temper Trap

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Down on luck but up on tunes Australia's hottest new band outline their ambitions. That's if Sting doesn't yoga them to death first…


Watch The Temper Trap's video Sweet Disposition

Despite being the southern hemisphere's most hotly tipped new band, luck hasn't quite been on Melbourne starlets The Temper Trap's side of recent times.

"I'm not working anymore," murmurs Indonesian-born lead singer Dougy. "Times were tough and unfortunately I'm sure like a lot of other people in the world right now - I got laid off.

"I'm employed by the band now…"

As if being relieved of his job in a small warehouse back home wasn't enough, a light fingered fan recently stole his favourite red bobble hat.

"I was attached to it but I'm afraid not any more," he sighs. "Someone actually ran off with it.

"I've been taking it pretty tough but I've got a blue one now - I'm starting to warm up to it.

"I've got a bald patch man, that's the truth and I'm kind of embarrassed about it."

Watch: The Temper Trap's Fools recorded for BBC Introducing

Band roots

Those setbacks aside, The Temper Trap are used to challenging circumstances - they've been struggling for their spot in the limelight for four years but are only now gaining recognition.

And clothes thieves, recession and receding hairlines haven't blighted what has been a very promising start to 2009 for the quartet.

"Me and Loz [Lorenzo, guitar] had more of a jam band in high school when we were learning how to play our instruments," says drummer Toby of their roots.

"Dougy and Jonny [bass] I know had done some busking - Dougy taught Johnny how to play guitar."

"When we first started we were like a 60s rock revival band playing songs that sounded like Jet," admits Dougy. "Now it's totally different."

A kindred love soon developed for Radiohead, Prince, U2 and other classic songwriters - mutating the group's sound from trad-rock to epic-indie in the process.
The Temper Trap, the facts
WHAT:Sun-bleached surf-pop from down under
FOR FANS OF: Radiohead, Bon Iver, The Killers, Prince
DOWNLOAD: Sweet Disposition
LIVE: UK dates expected this summer

"I'd write lyrics to Leonard Cohen songs and stuff like that because I didn't know how to play any instruments that you could bang out a melody on," laughs Toby before outlining the band's sonic tastes as "a bit all over the shop".

'Taking steps'

However, right now, they've firmly settled on a sound - a melodious midway between Arcade Fire and Bon Iver ribboned by Dougy's spellbinding vocals.

The potential is there to 'do a' Fleet Foxes. Or [hopefully not] a Little Ones.

"We've got aspirations and dreams and we're taking steps to make sure it happens," says Dougy defiantly. "We're doing everything within our power."

If by aspirations he means recording with a super-producer and playing with some of the world's biggest bands [Franz Ferdinand] then they're already well on their way.

Jim Abbiss [Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian] is on the controls for their as yet untitled debut album - tentatively pencilled for a June release.

Sting brush

Whilst they're expected to make a big impact of their own this year the band have already had a brush with mega-stardom.

When we first started we were like a 60s rock revival band playing songs that sounded like Jet
Dougy, The Temper Trap

Toby previously told a website that they'd like to make an album "made entirely of the sound of punching Sting in the face".

"I might have bitten off more than I can chew with that one," he gawfs. "He might yoga me to death or something."

They could also have came narrowly close to bankruptcy before they even started.

"We had another name that we found out was already taken by this emo band from America," says Toby. "We kind of had to change it a bit to avoid getting sued by emo kids."

With the band set to move to the UK in April and a debut LP later this year, if this is The Temper Trap without luck on their side, just wait until it turns.

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