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JLS: Our future after X Factor

Things are looking promising for X Factor finalists JLS with a record deal already in the bag and an up-coming tour with Lemar planned. Newsbeat caught up with the foursome to find out what we can expect from their music, what Simon Cowell thinks about their success and how they feel about the deal.

JLS is made up of band members Aston, Ortise, Marvin and JB

So how do you feel about your record deal?

Ortise Williams: The future's looking very good for JLS.

We've been signed to Epic records, which is Sony BMG and we've got a fantastic deal. It's the same label as Lemar. We're just over the moon. We've had a few meetings with them and the future's looking very, very good for JLS.

You're going to be touring with Lemar, any words of advice from him?

Aston Merrygold: We saw him on The Xtra Factor, that was the last time we saw him. But obviously then we were doing the show and we didn't realise we were going to get this crazy opportunity. When we do see Lemar again, I'm sure we'll have a couple of games of pool. Marvin, you beat Lemar at pool, right?

Marvin Humes: A little secret actually, I seven-balled Lemar once. Don't know if you know about pool, but that means he didn't pot a ball and if Lemar says he doesn't remember then I'll have to speak to him myself.

What's next for JLS?

Jonathan Gill [JB]: Obviously we're doing the X Factor tour which is coming up - 22 February it starts. I think that finishes on 25 March, then straight after that we're doing the Lemar tour for two and a half weeks, which is going to be really exciting. Then after that we're looking at hopefully releasing a single, and getting the album under way. So it's all exciting times and we're looking forward to everything.

The record signing is really early, most people aren't signed until about a year after X Factor...
JLS say they've worked hard to make a career in music

Marvin: This year, with the talent that was on the show, I think this was without doubt the best X Factor series ever. I think a lot of people are going to do well from the show.

For us, we're just incredibly lucky to be given a record deal immediately in the new year. It's something that we worked hard for and it's what we entered the X Factor for. We want a career in music and we want our songs to be big tracks. So expect big things from JLS this year.

What has Simon Cowell said about the signing?

Ortise: We haven't really had any contact with Simon since the show. But I'm sure he's fully supportive all the way. He has been amazing. He has given us a big opportunity and a big platform by putting us through the X Factor experience. We just want to come out of it and prove that X Factor contestants can do well and have longevity in their career. We could be the first group to go global.

It must have been a shock to get this deal so quickly?

JB: We've got a great management team behind us. They've been looking at different opportunities, different platforms for us and they obviously want the best for our career and we're willing to put 100% into it and work as hard as possible. We've been lucky to get that opportunity but we're going to grasp it with both hands.

When was the last time you saw Alexandra [Burke]?

Ortise: Me and Alexandra are good friends. I went to her place at Christmas and I'm good friends with the family because our families are very close. She is like a sister to me.

How has your life changed?

Ortise: It's funny I was in a taxi on my way here and he goes: 'Aren't you that boy? Hey you're from JLS right?' I said: 'Yeah, yeah' and he goes: 'What were you doing six months ago?'. I said: 'To be honest I was coming down this road and running late for work. Now I'm walking into High Street Kensington going into my record label with the boys'.

Honestly it's a dream come true and as a four-piece we've worked so hard for such a long time. We really believed in each other as a group and we believed it would work. We were rehearsing anywhere we could find and putting ourselves out there. And now we've put ourselves through this incredible engine the X factor and we've come out and got a record deal out of it.

How are you coping with the fame?

JB: We've been really lucky because we had the [media] training throughout the show. We went to a premiere and we had to deal with the paparazzi and people taking pictures and people wanting autographs and things signed. It really is a good education for the kind of career we're going into. So we've had a headstart in it and you kind of have to take it in your stride.

JLS were talking to Newsbeat reporter Brandice Alexander.

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