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Prodigy explain Grohl hook up
By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

Maxim, Liam Howlett and Keith Flint from The Prodigy
The Prodigy [L-R]: Maxim, Liam Howlett and Keith Flint present Zane's show

Dave Grohl is set to appear on The Prodigy's new album Invaders Must Die.

The record, set for release on 2 March, sees the Foo Fighters star drum on a track called Running With The Wolves.

The band were speaking after they presented Zane Lowe's show as part of his two week takeover.

Afterwards singer Keith Flint said: "We didn't do it to be us and Dave our rock buddy collaboration, but just as a friend of ours who does wicked drums that did a track with us."

Foos collaboration

"We've known Dave for quite a few years," explained Liam Howlett, who was joined by Keith Flint and Maxim for the two hour show. "We haven't just phoned him up and said, 'Dave can you get on the record?'

"He just emailed to say he's finished his touring, he really loves drumming and wants to get back into [it].

"He sent me some drums on a hard-drive with hope that it might inspire me to write a song - sure enough when I got the hard-drive it was really inspirational."

"It's good to hear him play the drums without any other instruments - people don't hear that.

"Within the first ten seconds of it being on I was like 'Yeah this is a song' - the track was born Run With The Wolves."

The Prodigy
The band played tracks including Justice, Jay-Z and Slipknot

However, the threesome are keen for their high profile collaboration not to overshadow what has already been heralded as a return to form.

"He's a cool guy but this album is purely about the band, so basically apart from Dave that is the only collaboration on the record," confirmed Howlett.

Flint added: "If it hadn't come together so natural we'd never have done it."

Fresh slate

This new release is not just about new collaborations, but also new starts for the trio.

Invaders Must Die - their fifth album - signifies the first release all three original band members have appeared on together since 1997's Fat Of The Land.

"We're not officially back until it comes out but it feels good we're really behind our record," said Howlett. "We hope people dig it, we're really proud of it."

"It started off definitely with more of a party atmosphere," he explained of the recording process. "I wanted to create a really relaxed atmosphere so the guys would just breeze in and breeze out."

Flint revealed: "Most nights I slept on the sofa in the studio because we was partying hard - I'd go out check a band out and just crash in the studio."

Despite the late nights, they feel more invigorated than ever.

"We've just done the tour - the people are out there for us and we're just ready to go and thump it this year. We feel like we're ruling it again," said Flint.

"The band feels as fresh to us now as it always has. It's really happening for us at the moment."

"Finding our destiny so to speak," added Maxim.

Back to roots

Early airings of the record have prompted speculation of a return to the old school rave sound that typified the band's first two records Experience and Music For The Jilted Generation, a claim the band refutes.

The Prodigy
The band's fifth album will be released in March

"No, definitely not," said Howlett. "We didn't want to record a retro album.

"We basically like took the best elements we like from the rave scene, the first two albums and sucked out of that scene.

"We'll tell you what we've done, with this record we've dug in."

Flint: "You say like 'Have you gone back to your roots?' but a band doesn't go back."

Live radio

Despite the fact the will embark on a UK arena tour in April alongside Dizzee Rascal in front of thousands of fans they admitted to a few pre-show nerves when they came into Radio 1 to present a live show.

"It was pretty chaotic - it was a bit like doing a best man's speech," laughed Howlett.

"I mean I was thinking about it two months ago - I couldn't even enjoy my Christmas because of you guys."

"We could have done another hour easy," admitted Maxim.

Zane Lowe's takeover series continues tonight with Friendly Fires deputising for the DJ from 7pm.

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