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White Lies 'anxious' about hype

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

A journey of aspirations, nerves and paranoia: the West London trio release their debut album To Lose My Life next week, but first, a few home truths...

White Lies
White Lies will begin a nationwide tour of the UK in late January 2009

White Lies, the band ranked second in the BBC's Sound Of 2009 poll will release their debut album To Lose My Life next week [19 January].

"I saw our first poster on the London underground today - a very weird experience," says drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown. "Because you see like hundreds of Razorlight posters all the time on the underground and our one was next to it."

It's an experience he, along with band mates Harry McVeigh [vocals] and Charles Cave [bass], ought to get used to though as many people are claiming White Lies are the perfect soundtrack to these doom-y, cash-strapped times and one of this year's biggest hopes.

Indeed the band have frequently appeared in January's numerous Ones To Watch features - something they'll describe as "really flattering".

Yet, they're also wary of the notoriety which automatically comes with it.

"We're a bit anxious to not get written off," he explains. "Not [to get] pigeon-holed before people have actually heard our album.

"I'm really glad people are seeing our potential - but I genuinely don't buy music based on reviews - I'll make my own opinion about it."

After a busy twelve months, culminating with a nationwide tour with Glasvegas, their focus now is firmly on a return to the road playing the record live, and not the amount of units they can shift.

White Lies
White Lies came second in the BBC's Sound Of 2009

Without compromise

"For us we've already achieved what we wanted to," says Jack. "I know that's a weird thing to say as it's not even out but for us the making of the record was really quite a personal thing."

"We feel like we're in a good place."

With responsibility shared between the threesome, they're also a group firmly in control of their own destiny.

"We didn't want to compromise anything in the recording of the songs," states Jack.

"We avoid at all costs doing massive radio edits of songs and we don't write b-sides.

"Things like that mean staying true to yourself - doing what we felt would give us the best finished product when it came down to the album."

Much has been made of the LP's morbid fascinations, stories of death and depression wound around Interpol-esque melodies, Jack confirms that chief lyricist Charles Cave is a dark character.

"It's the same for all three of us that there's a side to our personality that's possibly more worried and more paranoid than most people's.

"While we do have a side to our personality that's quite dark and a little bit weird the rest of the time we're fairly grounded and considered people.

"I don't think we're circling into depression just yet."

While we do we do have a side to our personality that's quite dark and a little bit weird the rest of the time we're fairly grounded and considered people
Jack Lawrence-Brown, White Lies

Mischievous streak

Maybe a touch surprisingly, beneath the cloak of darkness there is also a touch of mischievousness about the west Londoners.

"I do tell quite a lot of white lies, I'm pretty bad about it," admits Jack. "I lie to people if they ask if I like what they've wearing - I usually don't.

"I lie to other musicians sometimes as well."

"You can't just go up to them and say 'Oh I really don't like your music'. So I lie about that quite a lot.

"You can't be one of those people - well I'm not - who says straight up to someone if I really dislike something about them - I think that a little bit untactful."

Whilst To Lose My Life only becomes available from next week the band, due to take part in this year's NME Awards tour beginning at the end of the month, already have one eye on the future.

"We're keen to keep evolving as a band but I don't think we'll churn out a second album which sounds like this one."

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