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Ting Tings plan return to studio

The Ting Tings
The Ting Tings performing at this year's Big Weekend in Maidstone

The Ting Tings will start writing the follow up to their debut album, We Started Nothing, early next year.

Katie White and Jules De Martino say they have more touring to get through before they start working on new material.

Drummer Jules said: "I think around April or May, we're trying to make some space to get recording on the second album.

"We've got to get through an Australian tour, Japan, China, Singapore, then we go back to the States for a five-week tour there, which is quite intensive.

I think that it would be amazing to do a track with Dizzee, but he's been away and we've been away
Jules De Martino on possibly recording with Dizzee Rascal
"Then we've got a big UK tour as well, which we're really looking forward to because we've got a bigger production, bigger venues, stuff like that."

Unlike many other bands, The Ting Tings say they don't write new material on the road because there's no inspiration and they don't have time.

Singer Katie White said: "We have to lock ourselves away a bit, go and see lots of different things, like art and bands, and just get inspired.

"It's not inspiring in hotel rooms. So we consciously made an effort to not write.

"We have ideas and we have song titles and things we want to say but we've not actually turned them into songs yet."

Similar sound

Jules De Martino, who plays drums, guitars and sings, says for their second record they want to recreate a similar sound and feel to the first album.

For We Started Nothing the band threw house parties and then recorded tracks after everyone had gone home.

Jules De Martino from The Ting Tings
Jules De Martino hooked up with Katie White at Leeds University
"I think we'll be more experimental because we can bring new instruments in," said Jules.

"I think we've got to reinvent that by bringing some new instruments again that we don't play.

"We'd like to do a bit of recording in Berlin and in Paris, in Salford of course and maybe a bit in New York as well.

"So we make makeshift studios in spaces, and throw parties and record off the back of those again."

The band say they're planning to film parts of their UK tour in February and March to show the crowd what goes on on stage.

They start in Glasgow on 25 February finishing just over a week later on 6 March at London's Brixton Academy.

"We're doing a live visual thing with cameras on stage, because I play a lot of loops with my feet and so does Katie and a lot of people just don't see what we're doing live with our feet," said Jules De Martino.

"So we're going to have a little brass section of these girls that we've met and they're also going to run around on stage with these cameras and film what we're doing."


The pair say they'd also like to work with Dizzee Rascal.

The rapper covered the band's number one single That's Not My Name in the Live Lounge in July.

"We met Dizzee Rascal in Glastonbury last time," said Jules De Martino.

Katie White from The Ting Tings
The Ting Tings appeared at Glastonbury in 2007 and this year
"We've been trying to get some time to collaborate with him.

"I think that it would be amazing to do a track with Dizzee, but he's been away and we've been away so we haven't been able to get that together."

The Ting Tings have had a busy year.

They appeared at Radio 1's Big Weekend in May following that up with an appearance at Glastonbury.

In September they won best UK video for Shut Up And Let Me Go at the MTV Video Music Award in Los Angeles.

Katie White says she feels like the band have almost lost touch with reality.

"We're not sane. We've let go of our sanity. It's weird. You live in this weird bubble," she said.

"You don't go to the supermarket. You don't wash your own clothes.

"If I walked into an airport now I think I've half forgotten how to even get through an airport on my own.

"I'm used to following my tour manager now who hands me my passport.

"You can see why bands come out of the other end of it a complete mess."

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