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Mark Ronson lines up new projects

The super-producer dropped into Radio 1 to tell Newsbeat about being asked to produce Elton John, plans for his next album and waiting for the call from Amy Winehouse.

Mark Ronson
Mark Ronson rose to fame as a DJ for the rich and famous

Playing a hit Glastonbury set, winning Grammys and Brits, promoting a mega-selling album - doing all this in a year would be enough to tire anyone out.

Mark Ronson, often dubbed the busiest man in the music industry, seems to have plenty of energy left for 2009, though, judging by the projects on his calendar.

As well as starting work on the follow-up album to 2007's Version, the New York-based star is hoping to produce albums by Amy Winehouse, Elton John and Daniel Merriweather.

"Elton John is just somebody that I'm a huge fan of," explains Ronson. "It's just insane how many of his songs are in the pop canon. I was really flattered that he asked to work together so hopefully we will be able to work together.

"But I hate to talk about anything that premature 'cause, you know, it's not definite."

Winehouse album

Ronson is also hoping to get the call from Amy Winehouse when the diva - who performed on his cover of The Zutons' Valerie - is ready to record her follow-up to the wildly successful Back To Black.

"I'm not sure where it [the album] is," he explained. "I haven't spoken to Amy in a few weeks, and I haven't heard anything [saying] that she's making a record or not.

"I'm sure she's writing songs. I think hopefully when she has ten songs or she's ready to make a record she'll call me and we'll go and start how we did last time."

The producer is also planning to get to work on albums by Version collaborator Daniel Merriweather, English indie-pop band The Rumble Strips and Washington DC rapper Wale, as well as a few other smaller projects.

'Organic' follow-up

Along with his mammoth production duties, work on a follow-up to Version is pencilled into Ronson's already bulging diary.

"I'm supposed to start my next record sometime next year," he said, "but, you know, I have to just see when inspiration comes.

"Really my day job is being a producer so I would like to produce a couple more records and work with a few more inspiring people probably, before I'm ready to do my next thing."
Mark Ronson
Ronson performed in Radio 1's Live Lounge on Monday

While Version featured celebrity guests, including Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, Kasabian and Santogold, the producer is keeping quiet if he's sorted any stars for his next record.

"The way we did Version was so organic in a way because I wasn't signed to a label, I'd been dropped by my label in the States, I just happened to be working with Lily and Amy Winehouse on their records so they were just around the studio and, while I was working on theirs, I said 'Do you wanna do a song on here?'.

"I think that that's how I work best when things are quite organic like that.

"I'm not really good at going 'Oh yeah, I have to have this person or that person, or work with this person on the record'. I'd rather just let it sort of come about."

'Incredibly grateful'

2008 has been such a successful year for Ronson, it's not surprising that choosing a highlight is a tricky task for him.

"I don't want to sound really unspiritual," he apologised, "but I think most of them have to do with gigging.

"Glastonbury was amazing, Global Gathering was really special, getting to go tour Australia as well," he enthused.

"I know it sounds really obnoxious to say - but winning Grammys and winning a Brit was just surreal.

"It's like one of those things that when you start making music you think that there's some vague possibility somewhere in the very remote future, one per cent chance, that you could get something like that, and then it happens and it's quite bizarre.

"Like my stepdad made music for thirty years and sold tonnes of records and never won one Grammy. It seems almost sometimes arbitrary, but I'm incredibly grateful for it."

Mark Ronson was speaking to Newsbeat reporter Greg Cochrane.

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