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Noah And The Whale go 'punk'
By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter


Noah And The Whale - Shape Of My Heart video

Noah And The Whale have announced plans to release a 'punk' side project and record a feature film.

The Twickenham fourpiece will issue seven track punk project entitled The A Sides this coming Christmas.

Work has also begun work on a movie to be released with their second record.

"We're all interested in film, but Charlie [Fink, lead singer] especially, wanted to take it a step further," said drummer Doug.

Future plans

It has been a busy 12 months for the folk-indie band. Their debut LP only emerged in August but they're already looking to swiftly record the follow up.

"Charlie is the main song writer and he has a very well conceived idea for this album," Doug told Newsbeat.

"This next album is also being accompanied by a film," said bassist Urby. "There's a visual accompaniment and so the two will be presented together."

Doug: "The way it'll work is it's going to be one long music video. The album will be effectively the one song and the video will accompany that."

"There will be some dialogue, but we like to think that'll work its way onto the album itself. It won't be anything added or taken away."

Don't expect any Shakespearian monologues or Bond-esque special effects though.

"There's a loose storyline," smiled Doug. "It's going to be more impressionistic than clear. There will be narrative. It's about seasons and it's about time. Best to wait and see how it turns out - it's not crystallised yet."

"Concept album is a word we try and shy away from but he [Charlie] has thought about it as one piece and that's how we're trying to approach it."

"We're all interested in film, but Charlie especially, wanted to take it a step further beyond the videos which we produce ourselves," said Doug.

Noah And The Whale
Noah And The Whale soon to be starring in their own feature film

Change of direction

Musically, with the introduction of new arrangements and instruments, it'll change too with influences being drawn from some unlikely places.

Doug: "It's slightly more atmospheric, maybe slightly bigger, more electric than the first album."

"What has been influencing the new records especially is the There Will Be Blood soundtrack by Johnny Greenwood," said Urby. "The strings in particular."

In the run up to Christmas the band have also revealed plans to release their 'punk album' under the name The A Sides. It sees the band recording a radically different sound in an alternative guise. Flutes out, distortion in.

"It's seven tracks. We had some spare studio time and we recorded an album over two nights with a one-take rule," said Doug. "All the money we make from that, and there's going to be a gig as well, will go to Age Concern. That's happening over Christmas so we'll see a lot of each other."

While the group's future plans are hastily coming together they're not seeking to ditch the sound which brought them success - especially hit single 5 Years Time, ubiquitous over the summer months.

"I still really love the song - which surprises me," says bassist Urby. "We've heard it a lot, and we've played it a lot."

"We're not sick of that song and it has set us up wonderfully," says drummer Doug.

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