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Q&A: Adele's charity acoustic set

Mercury Prize nominee Adele performed a stripped-down acoustic set at north London's Union Chapel on Tuesday night for the MENCAP Little Noise Sessions, supported by Damian Rice. Newsbeat asked the singer about her love for Will Young, her outrage at this year's X Factor and how it feels to have Beyonce as a fan.


How are you feeling about the show?

I'm nervous, I'm excited as well but I'm really nervous - just 'cause you can't really talk in the venue so people are gonna be concentrating on what I'm doing. My mum's coming, four of my best friends and their girlfriends. They usually [heckle], but if they do it here I will personally get off the stage and punch them!

Damian Rice is outside too, I met him before. I'm a huge fan of his, I love him, everyone I know loves him. Everyone was like 'Damian Rice is supporting you?' And I'm like 'yeah, it's something special, he's a special guest.'

Have you managed to have a chat with him yet?

A little bit. I was like 'how you doing' and he was like 'great, thanks', and I was like 'ok, I've got to go and get my hair done', even though my hair was already done!
I was obsessed with him. I got chucked out of school for a week for having a fight with Gareth Gates fans
Adele on her X Factor hero Will Young

You've got amazing eyelashes!

Yeah, they're feathers. Quite fun - I like drag make up!

I know you've been watching X Factor - what's your reaction to Laura getting kicked out?

I was fuming. I thought it was rubbish. I think she's amazing. I love Ruth a lot, and she was so nice when I met her at Xtra Factor, but she's been in the bottom two twice, and she's always amazing when she's in the bottom two - I wish she got to pick them kind of songs all week, cos I think she could easily win as well.

I'm sure Laura will get a record deal, and it'll probably help herů I think Leona Lewis is a different breed of X Factor winner, in that she's too good so it doesn't really matter that she's from X Factor, whereas I don't know if we ever will find someone who can get away with being from a reality TV show and still be huge, so it'll probably be good for Laura coz she'll be the underdog.

A lot of artists are quite snobby about X Factor - you're obviously a fan though?

I'm a super super fan. I think it's amazing, it's a great opportunity for people as well and it's entertaining - I don't want to go out on a Saturday night and get drunk and take pills with my friends, it's just boring. All them indie kids, they're the ones who are snobby about it, all them indie bands, and stuff, they can kiss my bum.

Would you work with someone who's been on X Factor?
Adele was supported by Damian Rice at the charity gig

No. I love it, but no, I don't think I would. I'd like to work with Will Young, I adore Will Young, he's my first love, I was obsessed with him. I got chucked out of school for a week for having a fight with Gareth Gates fans. He doesn't believe me at all that I love him so much. Last year I was here, I opened for him.

I'd love to sing with Laura or Alexandra or something, but no, I'd rather collaborate with other musicians rather than other singers, just because I think most duets always go unnoticed, and I don't think anyone's ever gonna do one as good as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. But saying that, I think Estelle and Kanye's on 'American Boy' was great and I loved 'No Air' by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks.

How does it feel to have Beyonce singing your praises?

It's weird. I was meant to meet her at Saturday Night Live when I played, she asked for a ticket but then couldn't come, she had to go fly somewhere else. I'm the biggest Beyonce fan, Destiny's Child are my life. They kind of made me not just wanna be plain pop, like [with an] auto-tuned, effected voice. Hours on end I used to try and copy Beyonce, I love her, I think she's amazing. I love all three of them.

You've had an amazing year, but what's been the most random moment?

It must have been on Saturday Night Live when Sarah Palin turned up, and Alec Baldwin and then Marky Mark - who isn't really my era, but my mum loves Marky Mark, so I sent her a text, and my aunts love him too. The whole year's been a bit random, the fact that [19 has] done so well, all the time I'm like 'what's going on?' It's a bit bizarre, but I wouldn't change anything for the world.

Adele was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sarah Jane Griffiths.

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