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Ryan Adams: 'I never miss Oasis'

By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

Ryan Adams and his band The Cardinals are back with a new album Cardinology. He spoke to Newsbeat about his tenth studio LP and his love for Oasis.

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams famously covered the Oasis classic Wonderwall

How did you find recording your new album?

Neal Casal (The Cardinals guitarist): This album was one of the best we've made because our line-up has really solidified now.

It felt like we could really stretch out and be a band and it felt like we were making free music for ourselves.

We had a blast and I think that comes straight through in the grooves. It was a very unfettered recording process and we had a free rein on this album.

Ryan: This is the last record we have under Lost Highway so we can go off and do our own thing.

You recently supported Oasis on their US tour. How was that?

Ryan: That's a band I don't miss. That is a band I buy tickets for and I go and see. If Oasis are playing New York I'm at that concert. I'm in the line with everyone else.

It was a perfect day for me supporting them because I was like, 'Damn I get to play some music and I get to watch Oasis and I'm getting paid for it'.

Did you hear that your cover of Wonderwall was recently credited to you and not Oasis on The X Factor?

Ryan: I know I heard about that. When somebody told me I just laughed.

You almost collaborated with Noel Gallagher live for that track once. Is there any chance of that ever happening?

Ryan: No absolutely not. If I ever did it would have to be a pretty decent amount of money so I could say to these guys, 'Go and buy a helicopter'.
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams suffered a broken wrist after he fell offstage

You had a bad accident in 2004. (The singer fell offstage and broke his left wrist at the former Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool). How difficult a period was that for you?

Ryan: I had to re-learn how to pick up a pencil and re-learn how to move a finger. There were massive holes in my arm and I had to get it sewn back on.

It was awful, I was in a lot of pain. But a lot of time has passed since then and I don't usually think about it until someone else brings it up. It seems very incidental to me now.

Did it get to the point that it was so bad that you almost had to quit music?

Ryan: I think quite the opposite happened. When it healed up The Cardinals were born and I made a solo album. In fact I made three albums in one year.

Lost Highway are in the process of putting together an anthology of your work for release. How do you feel about that?

I don't plan to participate in that. They can provide an anthology of the stuff that was done on Lost Highway, good luck with that. But the fans already have it.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals are currently touring the UK.

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