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Page last updated at 09:03 GMT, Thursday, 6 November 2008
Behind the scenes at MTV Awards

By Andy Brownstone
Newsbeat reporter, MTV Europe Music Awards, Liverpool

As the stars of the music industry descend upon Liverpool for the MTV Europe Music Awards, Newsbeat reporter Andy Brownstone goes behind the scenes to get the inside track on all the latest news in part one of his diary.


Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy and his girlfriend MTV host Katy Perry

The first thing the cab driver asks me as I arrive in Liverpool is: "You here for the MTV awards mate?"

I'm surprised to find that almost everyone here is talking about it.

Friends of mine here complain that they don't know anyone who managed to get tickets, even though Merseyside addresses are supposed to get priority.

As I write this, a pair are going on eBay for almost 600. I think I'm probably spoiled, living in gig-centric London.

Another cabbie said: "Before they built that venue, you had to go to Manchester to see anyone decent."
It's live so I can say anything. And it's not government-owned so I'm not going to get fired.
Perez Hilton, backstage TV presenter for the awards

The Echo Arena, which holds 10,000 and has only been developed recently, has already hosted the opening dates of the Oasis tour.

Now it seems to be bringing in the bands that have previously stayed away from a city, which let's be honest, has an amazing musical history.

At the opening press conference, MTV bosses and local councillors talk at length about what great meaning Liverpool has on the music map.

And they've created a new Legends category, for this year only, which is being awarded to Sir Paul McCartney.

Matthew Murphy from the Wombats, who are performing at the awards, told us: "I don't think you can praise that fella enough really."

But Katy Perry, who is hosting the awards show, seems less certain about his influence on her life, and in the press conference struggles to name her favourite Macca track.

She said: "I love the Beatles, and particularly the White Album, and particularly... a couple of amazing songs on there."

The Wombats on covering Leona Lewis

And her boyfriend Travis, from Gym Class Heroes, isn't sure why Sir Paul is still getting awards now.

"Honestly, I really don't think he's done anything that cool since The Girl Is Mine with Michael Jackson," he said.

But whether you are a traditional Macca fan, or here to see Kid Rock, the arena is going to be packed and buzzing.

MTV have been holding local screaming auditions, to make sure that the front row of excited teenage fans are making enough noise.

Basically, the louder you are, the more chance you have of getting a ticket.

With Katy Perry presenting, there shouldn't be too many sticky moments.

But Perez Hilton, who is doing the backstage coverage for MTV's webcast, could be a different kettle of fish.

He told the press conference: "For every two people that like me, there's probably three or four that hate me.

"But I kind of like it that way because then I won't get a really big head.

"It's live so I can say anything. And it's not government-owned so I'm not going to get fired. And they're not really paying me either, so they can't really fire me..."


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