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Snow Patrol end whistle-stop tour

By Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Gary Lightbody

After a long day of two gigs within hours of each other in Dublin and Belfast, the 'Patrol Plane' lands in Edinburgh.

A freezing cold Monday lunchtime sees a surprising amount of people not at work, but instead queuing outside the Assembly Hall.

It's another small venue chosen by the band and has never been used for a gig before.

Scottish Bassist Paul Wilson explained: "That was the Scottish Parliament before they opened that other one. So that was where all the things in Scottish history happened."

"Nobody's ever done a gig there before, it was pretty cool."

It was nearly the same set as they played twenty four hours earlier in Dublin.

Frontman Gary Lightbody was in good form again, bantering with the crowd from the start.

He told fans: "You remember the Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle song. Well, this is our version."

Of course, he was joking, so instead of the footballing ballad Diamond Lights, they played one of the slower tracks from the album Set Down Your Glass.

As soon as the first chords of the Final Straw were strummed, everyone got out of their seats, much to the delight of the band, who were all grinning at each other.

Bassist Paul was pleased he got a chance to play to his home crowd.

He told Newsbeat: "Seeing as it was Edinburgh and the pubs stay open pretty much 24 hours a day, everyone was drunk maybe. It was the best crowd. Brilliant."

Lynn from Glasgow said: "It was absolutely fantastic, Gary was excellent as usual. Totally loved it."

Lynn's Boyfriend Calum agreed: "They've been away too long, brilliant. Their new stuff is great, a lot more rock than their other albums."

Back onboard

Gary Lightbody
Singer Gary Lightbody checks out what to do in an emergency

While we're waiting for the flight to Luton, bassist Paul tells us Crack The Shutters from the new album will be their next single and they’re filming the video in the next couple of days.

The track certainly appears to be a clear favourite among the fans.

Too much traffic on the motorway means that when we arrive at Luton airport, we all have to get the train to London.

Bemused passengers do double takes as Snow Patrol carry their bags on to the platform and wait in the cold for the next train.

When it arrives, the people on board are equally surprised to see the now world famous band pile on.

One lady commented: "What? Snow Patrol are actually on the train? No way."

Final gig

The Bloomsbury Ballroom in London is the biggest venue the band have played on this tour.

It's another seated one, but a lone fan jumps up for The Final Straw and makes it his mission to get everybody else on their feet.

It takes a while, but soon enough the whole crowd are up, and there are plenty of mobiles in the air catching every moment.

Singer Gary Lightbody seems a little more nervous for this gig.

It could be the lack of sleep but he forgets what he wants to say to the audience at one point, and introduces the wrong song, apologising afterwards.

The crowd don't seem to mind and he's soon bantering with them. He picks out one man in the crowd who's coughing.

He joked: "Do you need some sexual healing? I've got a lot of love to give."

Fans Lynn and Calum
Lynn and Calum saw the band in Edinburgh and "totally loved it"

After the gig bassist Paul told Newsbeat: "It's a great place to end. We have a lot of our friends here, it's more of a party at the end.

"I think London's a kind of hub, a lot of our fans in England will all come here.

"When I looked in the crowd I could see a lot of people I've seen at many of the shows. It was nice."

So fans from Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh and London have all got to see their new material live for the first time.

However, one couple are such big fans, they travelled all the way from Los Angeles to join the band for their tour.

Rita Meno and Henry Price won the prize in a competition.

They said: "They're really good, to do four shows in a row and still keep it entertaining for the audience and have a good time themselves, that's really awesome.

"It has been a little crazy but they've been really fun and it's been great to meet them."

So the album is now out and Snow Patrol have performed it live four times, so are they feeling the pressure?

Gary said: "Not really. I'd like it to do well because we're so friendly with our record label and I want them to do well."

"We're not sort of fuelled by chart positions, it's more about playing for us, it always was."

"It would be nice to sell a few records in a few countries we've never sold in before.

"This tour's going to take in South Africa, South East Asia, Russia and Brazil. We just want to explore."

A Hundred Million Suns is out now.

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