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Glasvegas rush to finish Xmas LP
By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

Glasvegas recently supported Oasis at the BBC Electric Proms

Glasvegas have admitted it was "a mad rush" to complete recording sessions for their forthcoming Christmas album.

The Scottish four-piece said their last session in the studio lasted 29 hours straight as they scrambled to finish the record A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss).

Singer James Allan said: "One of the guys working on the record was that tired he started hallucinating.

"He saw somebody in a chequed shirt waving at him in the studio."

The frontman added: "That gives you an example of how intense it was. We were in a mad rush to get it finished."

Trasylvania recording

The album was recorded in Transylvania at St Nicholas Church in Brasov, with two tracks featuring the local Concentus Choir.

"It was amazing recording in that church," James enthused. "We wanted a choir on the record so we met with a guy who had one over there.

"We went to see them practise one night in a classroom and then they took us to a cathedral a couple of days later.

We chose Silent Night because the words are so beautiful
James Allan
"We set up in there, just put the microphones up and recorded with them."

During the recording sessions the band joined forces with the choir for a special version of Silent Night, which was performed in English and Romanian.

"We chose Silent Night because the words are so beautiful," James said.

"When I first started thinking about these songs I always knew that song was the one that was going to close it. I don't know why. It just felt right."

Festive mood

The singer explained that rather than harking back to traditional classic Christmas songs, he wanted to capture the mood of the festive season.

I guess everybody's Christmas is not like Cliff Richard's
James Allan
With titles like Cruel Moon and Careful What You Wish For, the release would suggest a leaning towards the bleaker side of Christmas.

"I guess everybody's Christmas is not like Cliff Richard's," he said.

"I was never meaning for it to be dark or happy. I think when people meet up with their families, then their happiness is blown up.

"But I think people's loneliness is blown out of proportion as well when they've not got that because Christmas is in their face and everybody else is happy.

"I guess there's little bits of that and those moods and stuff that's in there."

The band, who recently supported Oasis at their Electric Proms show, are hoping to debut some of their festive songs during their forthcoming winter tour.

Glasvegas are due to kick off the Mencap Sessions
Before that though, they will be headlining the opening night of the Mencap Little Noise Sessions next month and bringing in the New Year at the Hogmany Street Party, in Edinburgh on 31 December.

"I'm looking forward to playing both those shows. It will be good to play especially the Hogmany gig," James added.

"The only downfall is I love my mum's steak pie on New Year's Eve and I'll be missing that. But f*** it."

A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)will be released as a download and in a special two-disc limited edition of their self-titled debut album on 1 December.

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