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Fall Out Boy rope in their heroes
Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy's new album was originally set to be released on 4 November

Fall Out Boy have admitted they were "honoured" to work with Elvis Costello and Debbie Harry on their new album.

The emo rockers roped in the legendary singers along with Lil Wayne, Panic At The Disco's Brendon Urie and Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy for their fifth record Folie Deux.

Singer Patrick Stump said: "To say I'm influenced by Elvis Costello is a gross understatement.

"To have him on this record was just a real honour."

He went on: "Debbie Harry's song came together very naturally. She's amazing and she just added so much authority to the song."

Although the album is littered with collaborations, the Fall Out Boy frontman said the band didn't deliberately set out to record an album with the stars.

He said: "It was weird it wasn't really a collaboration record where you run the risk of it being like a compilation in the sense that you go: 'Hey let's have guests'.

"This was more like we were making this record that we really believed in and somehow we got other people to believe in it too."

Bassist Pete Wentz also compared the chemistry in Brendan's collaboration with Patrick to The Beatles.

"Brendan showed up and he's like Patrick in the sense that you go, 'Play this thing' and he goes, 'Ok cool,' and just does it," he said.

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry has teamed up with Fall Out Boy on their new record
"It's kind of actually a hard thing but he picks it up in seconds. Seeing the pair sing the harmonies together was really awesome to see too.

"The last time I saw that was in black and white footage of The Beatles."

The band originally planned to release their new album in time for the US elections on 4 November.

But they decided to push the date back because the event was "too important".

"This election is too big in the grand scheme of things for us to focus on personally so we decided to push it back," Wentz said.

Patrick added: "We initially wanted to get it out around the election time so we could talk about the election.

"Young people especially in the United States at times don't focus on that as much as they should so we wanted to bring some attention to it.

"But then at a certain point it dawned on us it wasn't really working the way we wanted it to."

Folie Deux is released in UK record stores on 15 December.

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