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Brooklyn band want Wu-Tang Clan
By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

Gang Gang Dance
Gang Gang Dance are hoping to work with GZA

Brooklyn electro outfit Gang Gang Dance are planning to team up with the Wu-Tang Clan.

The four-piece have said they are in talks with one of the hip-hop outfit's founding members GZA over a possible collaboration in the near future.

Keyboardist Brian DeGraw said: "He (GZA) keeps calling our management wanting to collaborate but we haven't actually met him yet.

"We would absolutely love to work with him though. It would be amazing."

Singer Liz Bougatsos added: "My manager called and said 'Do you want to meet him for tea?' but I was too nervous.

"Obviously I would love to get in the studio with GZA but we haven't really had a chance to really solidify a track for him yet.

"I would like to work with him on the lyrics. That would be sick. He's like the Godfather."

'Chaotic album'

The band, who have just released their "chaotic" fourth album Saint Dymphna, originally formed in 2001 with guitarist Josh Diamond, drummer Tim DeWitt and singer Nathan Maddox.

But tragedy struck the five-piece when Maddox was killed by a bolt of lightning during a violent thunderstorm in 2002.

I would like to work with GZA on the lyrics - that would be sick.
Gang Gang Dance singer Liz Bougatsos on Wu-Tang Clan
The band continued as a four-piece with Liz taking over lead vocals and they released their debut Revival Of The Sh***est and their self-titled follow up in 2004. A year later they brought out their third album God's Money.

But it took a further three turbulent years before they brought out arguably their finest work to date.

"It was difficult making Dymphna because of conflicts within the band and we were touring too much," Brian explained.

"In my head it was a very chaotic and a confused time period. There wasn't one vision. We were coming from all these different directions from recording and mixing it up."

Grime territory

Saint Dymphna's songs are smattered with multi-layered percussion and Brazilian guitars. The record also delves into grime territory with Tinchy Stryder, backing the track Princes.

"It was great working with Tinchy," Brian said. "He just went straight to the microphone the minute he walked in the studio.

"He put on the headphones and freestyled for about 30 minutes straight."

Despite enduring a difficult recording process with their latest album, Gang Gang Dance are already laying down tracks for their next record.

"I haven't really listened to Dymphna that much because we've been busy with this new one," Brian said.

Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Clan performing in London during the summer
"We just wanted to go straight into the studio because of the chaotic nature of the last album.

"We've got five songs for it already and we're going to start recording in January.

"I think the next record will be more specific sounding."

Liz added: "Now that this is done, it's a huge weight off the band.

"We have this renewed energy that we want to keep going and just capture it."

In between recording the four-piece are also working on a remix of TV On The Radio's Stork And Owl.

Liz added: "We were working on a remix with them which we haven't finished but I think we've got an extension.

"It's a very beautiful song. They're old friends of ours and the lyrics are very sacred to our hearts."

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