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The View name 'boozy' second LP
By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

The View
The View are set to embark on a UK tour which will take in 25 dates

The View have revealed the working title for their second album.

The Dundee four-piece have named their new record Which Bitch? after recently completing recording sessions in Wales with Oasis producer Owen Morris.

"I called it that because it's an intriguing title", explained frontman Kyle Falconer.

"All the songs are about actual people on the LP. The title just means 'Which bitch am I singing about in which song?'"

The Dundonian upstarts returned to the scene of their first album, Monnow Valley Recording Studios, to record the follow up to their Number One debut Hats Off To The Buskers.

The last one was a bit poppier but this is moodier, darker and a bit more experimental
Pete Reilly
It was there they stumbled across fellow Scottish singer song-writer Paolo Nutini who was also working on his own material at the nearby Rockfield Studios.

"I remember thinking when I first wrote this track Covers, which is about not being able to sleep and pulling the covers off my girlfriend in the middle of the night, that Paolo Nutini would sound f****g s*** hot singing on this," Kyle enthused.

"We'd already recorded it and finished it as a band but he was next door. I said, 'Man come and have a bash at it'. We did a verse each and he recreated what I'd done. It was perfect."

Family affair

The band also pulled in Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell for the track Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy while Give Back The Sun even saw Kyle's sister getting in on the act.

"My sister is an English teacher but she's been a wedding singer all her life. She has quite a unique voice people probably wouldn't associate with our music but weirdly, it worked," he said.

"She came in for a couple of days and she was brilliant man. It's like an Abba song. "

We never recorded anything for about a week because we got wasted with our producer
Kyle Falconer
Guitarist Pete Reilly added: "Yeah but it's also kind of going for the Gimme Shelter vibe because it has a high vocal."

The band's forthcoming single 5Rebeccas is smattered with the same melodic, upbeat gritty rock and roll sound as hit singles Superstar Tradesman and Same Jeans from their first album.

But the band warned fans not to expect more of the same on the next record.

"The last one was a bit poppier but this is moodier, darker and a bit more experimental," Pete revealed.

"Hats Off was all drums, guitars and vocals and that's it but with this album anything goes."

Kyle went on: "On the first album we were bang into the Clash and Oasis. It's just the way we were at the time so it was good going into this album with an open mind.

"We were like 'Yes man let's do it, no ties, no limits, lets put tons of harmonies on it'."

Booze fuelled

Like their debut though, their producer ensured the band's recording sessions were booze fuelled before they went into the studio.

"It was the same again with Owen because that's how he works. Only it was even more intense this time. We never recorded anything for about a week because we got wasted with him," Kyle recalls. "Then we thought, 'S*** man we need to get a move on'."

Pete added: "I remember when we were recording it got to one stage where we'd been up all night, it was 8 o'clock in the morning and the sun was coming up.

"There was this lake at the bottom of the garden and Owen had this big litre of vodka in one hand and a fag in the other.

Paolo Nutini in 2006
Nutini performed under the name Snake Derrick And The Vipers
"He just jumped straight in the lake. We jumped in too and the current took us right down the stream but he was just defying it."

During the build up to their debut, the Dundee four-piece often found themselves facing tribal chants of 'The View! The View! The View! are on fire!' as their fanbase swelled.

And the band are expecting more of the same when they return for a mammoth UK tour on 16 October.

"We've played a few gigs recently which haven't really been our crowd so it's going to be good to go back and here them chanting 'The View! The View! The View are on fire again," Pete said.

"We're playing every single rock and roll hole in Britain so we'll probably be a lot skinnier the next time you see us."

Which Bitch? is set to be released in January.

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