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Keane: 'The Proms are brilliant'

Keane have finally released their new album Perfect Symmetry. Steve Lamacq talks to the band about the record, their forthcoming BBC Electric Proms show and early live sessions.

Keane recently attended the Q Awards where they won track single for Spiralling

Do you remember much about the first sessions you did for the BBC?

Tom Chaplin: I do actually remember because we were here with you and we've been listening back to a lot of old shows because we've been compiling a load of old material we've put together for our fans.

It's weird to hear it all back again. We were just terrified. You can hear the fear in our voices.

It's like a rites of passage though isn't it for some bands?

Richard Hughes: Absolutely and I think that was why we were so excited to do it. It is cool coming back here. The more you're here the more you enjoy it.

Tom: I think we were still driving around in old fiestas at the time.

We went from rehearsing in Tim's mum and dad's house to suddenly going to be on a session with Steve Lamacq. It seemed like the biggest thing that would ever happen to us.

You've come back with a big record with big sounds but it seems to go off at different tangents. Do you agree?

Tom: I think we've made a very diverse record, but somehow it does stick together.

The fun and enthusiasm we had making it for a start but we had a load of songs summertime last year and we kind of rehearsed them up for a bit.

Then we thought no let's go away and have a bit of a break and learn from our previous mistakes when we just rushed straight into making another record.

So we took some time off and it was towards the end of last year that Tim (Rice-Oxley) started sending through all these absolutely brilliant demos. They had this kind of feel of being a unified thing.

I think the record really benefitted from that as a result.

What have you got lined for the BBC Electric Proms?

Tom: It's brilliant doing the Electric Proms because you can kind of indulge yourself as a band.

We used a lot of weird and wonderful instruments on this record, like a musical saw and believe it or not - because I actually hate the saxophone with a real passion - we found a place for the saxophone. So my mind's been changed about that one.

Keane's interview and live session goes out on Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust show on Monday.

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