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Kaiser Chiefs sick of Oasis talk
By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

Ricky Wilson
Kaiser Chiefs recorded their new album Off With Their Heads with Mark Ronson

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has said he is fed up of being asked about Oasis all the time.

The singer admitted that ever since Noel Gallagher declared that they sounded like The Monkees on Radio 1, he can't get away from it.

He said: "It was quite exciting at first but now I just can't be bothered talking about it anymore.

"This is the band I grew up with and they're one of the biggest bands in the world and one of my favourites."

He went on: "I read things that I supposedly said and it doesn't even sound like my voice. It just frustrates me. I can't go into an interview now without talking about it."

Accidental album

The band are set to release their third album Off With Their Heads on 20 October, a record which Ricky said came together by "accident" when they went into the studio to lay down their current single Never Miss A Beat with Mark Ronson.

"We know Mark so we met him and had dinner with him," the singer said.

We used Lily Allen because we wanted a kind of Bananarama style backing vocal
Ricky Wilson
"He said he'd like to do some recording and we wanted to go into the studio to lay down the single.

"So we went in the studio with him for two weeks and made three songs. Then we kind of missed it and wanted to get back in the studio with him. So we did."

Of the recording sessions, which took place at RAK and Eastcote Studios, in London, Ricky said the super producer was easy to work with.

He added: "It was great doing stuff with him because it didn't feel like work and we got a lot of stuff done. It felt like we were messing around."

'Bananarama style'

Lily Allen, who recorded a cover of Kaisers single Oh My God with Ronson, lends her backing vocals to the track Always Happens Like That.

"We used her because we wanted a kind of Bananarama style backing vocal and she had that kind of attitude we wanted," Ricky explained.

Off With Their Heads
Spanish Metal
Never Miss A Beat
Like It Too Much
You Want History
Can't Say What I Mean
Good Days Bad Days
Tomato In The Rain
Half The Truth
Always Happens Like That
Addicted To Drugs
Remember You're A Girl
"I've known her for nearly three years now anyway and Mark's good friends with her. We were making a record and we had her number. So we thought why not?"

The Leeds five-piece also roped in New Young Pony Club for their current single and rapper Sway on Half The Truth.

Drummer Nick Hodgson recently admitted that the collaboration came about after the rapper came looking for Ronson in the studio.

Ricky wasn't in the studio at the time and when he heard about the rap, initially he had some reservations.

"I was at a wedding at the time but Nick came up the next day and he said, 'Have you ever heard of a rapper called Sway?' and I was like, 'Yeah of course I have'. Obviously I hadn't. He said, 'Well he's done a rap for us'," he said.

"I wasn't sure at first because on paper it sounds a bit weird. Then when I actually heard it I thought it's got to be on there because it makes the song sound better."

Huge anthem

Although the band have returned with a huge anthem in Never Miss A Beat and the sound of their third album skirts over familiar territory, it is not a record littered with singles.

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher said Kaiser Chiefs sounded like The Monkees
"We just get on with it," shrugs Ricky. "If we started tailoring our sound when we were playing, it would be the wrong thing to do. We just write songs without really worrying too much about anthemic qualities."

Typically the single has already caused a stir, particularly the amusing line: What do you want for tea? I want crisps.

"I'd like to say I was surprised but you know when you're writing something like that, that it's going to stick out," he admitted.

"Me and Nick were writing the words for it in our dressing room in Germany and we just found it funny.

"Anyway everyone loves crisps so it's a good line."

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