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Oasis singer is 'glad to be here'

Oasis front man Liam Gallagher has been talking to Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe about being the nation's sole rock star, how he's not ready for a pipe and slippers just yet, and how to make a cracking cup of tea.

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher performs during the start of their Canadian tour in Vancouver

Oasis are back with a new record 'Dig Out Your Soul'. How did you feel when you first heard it mastered?

Yeah, I liked it. It's a good record. I mean, I haven't really listened to it since we did it but it's pretty heavy man. The lyrics are pretty heavy, some of it's a bit disturbing in places.

You seem in really good spirits.

Getting older chills you out, without a doubt, and you look around and you think, 'I'm glad to be here'. We're lucky to be doing this.

It seems like the whole band feels like that - that you've got the potential to make great music.

There's room. We can do better. At the time we couldn't do better, but there's room for improvement I think.

I don't get involved. I just try and do the best when it's my turn. I'm just a singer in the band, d'you know what I mean? That's it. I just keep my head down and when the mic's there, lets go.

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher arrives at Q Awards at Grosvenor House

Was there a time in the early days when you felt like you'd never be able to write songs in this band?

Nah, I do what I want in this band - it's just if they're good enough. They seem to be getting better. I'm easy, whether a song of mine goes on or not - I don't put a gun to anyone's head. I'm a happy chap just to sing songs.

To be quite honest - it's just a pure fluke, mate. I sit there with a guitar in my house, once the ironing's done and there's nothing on TV, I have a little play around, there's a dictaphone. If something happens, it happens.

Do you feel like a rock star?

I do actually.

What is that term?

Passion at everything - when you're making that tea, make sure it's the best cup of tea ever. Everything's got to be the nuts.

You seem to enjoy the simple things now.

Oh, I can go man. I can still 'av it man. It's not pipe and slippers just yet. I'm sure there is a pair around the house, but I walk around the house naked and barefoot, man. That's me, mate. Slippers for Christmas. If I get one more Beatles book I'll go insane.

Liam Gallagher was talking to Radio 1's Zane Lowe.

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