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The Courteeners want The Rascals
By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

The Courteeners
The Courteeners performing at Glastonbury during the summer

The Courteeners frontman Liam Fray is teaming up with Last Of the Shadow Puppets and Rascals singer Miles Kane.

The pair are planning to head into the studio to record a song together when they get a break from their day jobs.

Liam said: "We've got a couple of ideas but he's busy with The Rascals and he's got the Shadow Puppets tour coming up and we're on the road as well.

"But when we get time we definitely want to do a tune. They're top boys them lot (The Rascals)."

The Courteeners singer also said he was hoping to recruit Elbow frontman and hotly tipped newcomer Florence And The Machine for the b-sides to their current single That Kiss.

But the collaborations fell through in the end.

"I'd been speaking to Guy over the summer about doing something. We had a version of That Kiss lined up for Florence to do too but she was busy," he said. "But we're definitely going to do something in the future.

"If Guy's got the time now he's found superstardom he knows where I am as well."

'Baffling admission'

The track, which features the same string section that appeared on Blur's hit The Universal, was described by the NME as the "male answer" to The Pussycat Dolls' Number One hit Don't Cha.

But Liam said he was completely baffled by such an admission.

"I don't know where the f**k that came from. I didn't say that," he ranted.

"When I heard who the string section were though I was like 'We're on to a winner here'.

Nicole Scherzinger
The band's new single has been compared to The Pussycat Dolls
"It was top working with them as well. We just came in, sang the melody, made a few changes and that was it."

The Manchester quartet are also set to release a four track live EP which fans can download the day after their forthcoming Manchester Apollo gig on 9 October.

Originally the band planned to release a DVD of the show instead, but a certain Sheffield group beat them to it.

"I was gutted because Arctic Monkeys are releasing a gig from Manchester Apollo and I was like 'f***ing hell man we were going to film ours there'," he sighed.

"But they've obviously had it in the pipeline for some time because they've filmed it before us and fair play I love Arctic Monkeys so it's fair enough.

"This EP is just a nice little snapshot our fans can download."

Second album

Not content with resting on their laurels, The Courteeners are currently in the process of putting tracks together for their second album.

"I kind of started it before we had the first one out," Liam explained.

"I wrote half of them 18 months ago and then half quite recently so it's a good mix at the moment. I've got two or three that are brilliant but I don't know if they're going to be singles or not."

If Guy's got the time now he's found superstardom he knows where I am
Liam Fray on collaborating with Elbow
Tracks slated to appear on the album are Revolver, which Liam describes as a "long lost tale about being stabbed in the back", the piano driven Why Do You Do It? and the heartfelt Three Months Off.

"That track is about the threshold of a relationship in the sense that if you can get past three months then you're probably going to be alright," he said.

"I think it's true because that's the time when you stop going for drinks and you stay in and watch TV and stuff."

Recording sessions

Liam said the band are hoping to carry on with further recording sessions in November.

"People say it's a difficult second album but it's only difficult if you haven't got any ideas.

Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys beat the Manchester band to a live DVD
"I think we're alright on the ideas front and we've got three weeks off in November to do the writing so I'm going to knuckle down properly then."

The Courteeners recently made a bizarre appearance in a Coronation Street storyline which involved David Platt buying tickets to see the band in a bid to impress his girlfriend.

"I know what's that all about," Liam laughed. "We were in Ibiza and they phoned our manager and asked if it was OK if we put The Couteeners in the script.

"I was like, 'Damn right it is'. I've never heard anyone else in the script so I said, 'Get on it, definitely'. It's funny isn't it?

"It's mental we've had more texts about that than when our album went in at number four."

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