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Swedish pop trio inspired by Abba

By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

Peter, Bjorn and John
Peter, Bjorn and John are renowned for their whistling heavy hit Young Folks

Peter, Bjorn And John have decamped to Abba's old studios to record two albums.

The trio, made famous by their whistling anthem Young Folks, have been busy recording an instrumental record as well the follow-up to their breakthrough album Writer's Block.

"It's the first time we have recorded in there as a band. It's very inspiring," enthused bassist Bjorn Yttling.

"That old studio came about in the 1960s and all the instruments are still there. There are these expensive old timpanis and 10 metre pianos. It's fun using all that old stuff.

"It's funny in Sweden it was not cool to like Abba in the 70s but that's all changed over time. It's great listening back to their songs now."

'Childhood memories'

The trio's instrumental album, Seaside Rock, is inspired by "the memory of the sound of the Swedish music school orchestras from hell, water and boredom".

"It's kind of based on childhood memories," Bjorn explained."

"I remember when I was in class on Friday evenings and I had this little Yamaha synth and always ended up playing some boring Depeche Modei-sh songs for the other pupils."

The trio said decided to do something different in order to rediscover their taste for music.

"We have toured very intensely since our third album Writer's Block came out. When you tour like that you kind of forget how you make music in the studio.

"So as a group we wanted to go in and rediscover ourselves and make music in a different form."

Peter, Bjorn and John have decamped to Abba's old studio

Living Thing

The band are currently recording the official follow-up to Writer's Block, which Bjorn described as more "focused and minimalistic".

"We've called our next album Living Thing and it's based on the idea that when you have a baby it's always the greatest little creature and then it reaches 18 and f***s you up," said Bjorn.

"There's a lot of new sounds on there that you can't really put your finger on, a lot of rhythmical stuff and we've really pushed the vocals.

"If you like our sound then you're really going to like it."

When asked whether any of the tracks would feature any whistling on them, Bjorn told Newsbeat: "It's all whistling, the kick drum is whistling, the snare drum is whistling, we're even going to have us whistling on the cover art."

"No seriously, we don't want a record of all Young Folks but if people connect with one song like they did with that track then that would be brilliant."

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