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Glasvegas soak up the hype

By Damian Jones
Newsbeat reporter

Glasvegas frontman James Allan said he feels 'euphoric' about their new album

It's been a big week for Glaswegian quartet Glasvegas. Fresh from making grown men cry at Reading and Leeds, the group have scored a Top 20 hit with new single Daddy's Gone, they're about to embark on a UK tour and the buzz surrounding their forthcoming debut album continues to snowball. Singer James Allan has been talking to Newsbeat about all the hype, that Christmas album and Cliff Richard "slashing his tires".

Are you feeling any pressure at all with this album because there is a lot of hype?

Not at all no. I felt pressure maybe at times recording it and at times writing it. That's because I wanted to sincerely express the ideas I had and represent them in a kind of authentic manner.

But in terms of public pressure we have kind of done our best and took the album as far as we can. It's already gone beyond my expectations of how I thought it would turn out. So I am quite euphoric about it coming out.

So in that sense are you actually enjoying all the attention you're getting at the moment?

I wouldn't say I go about enjoying attention. I like it but the first thing for us is the music. Basically when we wake up we want to know that we're doing something that is true to ourselves.

That's more important to us than getting attention and all that kind of stuff. But that's not to say we take it for granted and we don't appreciate it when other people believe in what we do.

The song Flowers And Football Tops is lyrically inspired by a murder near your home which involved a stabbing. What are your thoughts on the current knife culture problem?

I find it hard to get my head around how somebody else can harm another human. Without going into all the stats and all the politics involved, I found it quite confusing.

My way of thinking on it is probably quite basic and I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

It would probably take somebody night after night to analyse the problem and sort out it out.

You've been quite a hit at the festivals. How have you enjoyed playing them?

The festivals have been a new thing for us and it's been a lot of fun. Reading and Leeds was just mental. Glastonbury was cool and T In The Park was cool as well. They were all pretty mad.

In some ways though it almost felt a bit too comfortable at times just driving in because we're used to getting chased by security guards for scaling the fence.

Your UK tour is about to kick off. How do you feel about that?

I'm really looking forward to it. I really love plugging my guitar in and turning it up really loud. I never seem to get tired of that. It's brilliant man.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We might do a couple of collaborations. We have had some ideas but I don't really want to embarrass anyone else by mentioning their names at this point. I have been thinking about it though.

You're off to Transylvannia to record your Christmas album. How many tracks are likely to appear on that record?

We're hoping to record as many as we can. If we've got 10 good songs then we'll put 10 on it. We've got quite a few songs and it is starting to take some shape now.

What will the mood of the album be and will the songs be similar to previous classic Christmas songs?

I think Christmas is quite a romantic time of the year and I like it because growing up, it was always an exciting time going to get a wee present and stuff.

Glasvegas are about to embark on a UK tour
Some of those moods and elements will probably be incorporated into the album and the feel will be more along those lines. It won't necessarily be like Slade's Merry Xmas Everyone.

Obviously I think Cliff Richard will end up hating us because we'll be stealing his mistletoe and wine. So I'll expect to see him slashing my tires when I come out of the hotel tomorrow.

Why record the album in Transylvania?

Because when I was growing up I always wanted to know what Transylvania looked like. When you're in a rock and roll band you get to do quite radical things.

So I thought it'd be quite nice for the band to go away somewhere like that and have a pint together, go into a cathedral, set up some mics and make some music.

Glasvegas' self titled debut album is out on 8 September

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