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Backstage gossip from Reading

By Natalie Jamieson
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Josh Homme
Josh from Queens Of The Stone Age was fired up and raring to go

Enigmatic frontman Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age knows how to sum up his feelings about playing Reading: "I feel like a firecracker, I need to be used or I get sad."

The band had the second best slot of the day, performing on the main stage just before headliners Rage Against the Machine.

Looking relaxed backstage in mirrored aviator shades, Josh told Newsbeat that he "handpicked these for our last shows of this record so we could go with a bang, boing, boom, bong."

For a rock band that’s survived more line-up changes than most, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen jokingly puts it down to their current backstage demands.

He said: "You know how people sometimes have a wellness room when they’re on tour, or a raw food bar, we actually have a mental health room, and we just came out."

It may be that Josh's two-year-old daughter has had a stabilising influence on him, but he insists young Camille hasn't mellowed or influenced what he does with the band: "No, because I have to be myself and she needs to learn how to be herself, and that’s what I want to teach her."

As Queens Of The Stone Age move on to play the Leeds leg of the festival, Madonna will kick off her new world tour in Cardiff.

Even if he could be there, we don't think Josh would choose to.

I love it when a 50-year-old woman tries to show me her naked body
Josh Homme

He told us: "I love it when a 50-year-old woman tries to show me her naked body. Ugh. Hard Candy indeed. Her next album should be called apple sauce and mashed potatoes."

Lily Allen and Matthew Horne of Gavin and Stacey fame were spotted on Friday at Reading enjoying bands like Vampire Weekend on the Radio 1/NME stage, while Muse drummer Dom Howard was side of stage to watch Serj Tankian.

Dizzee loves rock

Dizzee Rascal
Dizzee Rascal told Newsbeat he loves mosh pits and crowd surfing

Crowd-pleasers on the main stage included a bare-chested Dizzee Rascal who told Newsbeat: "I love it, mosh pits and jumping around and crowd surfing and all that, all day long mate!"

Dizzee admits he’s always got on well with this festival: "I've got a rock background as well. I listened to Iron Maiden and Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana growing up.

"I don't mind all that. I've incorporated a bit of that into my music with tracks like Jus' a Rascal, and Sirens. I understand how it goes down here."

Late afternoon on Friday and The Fratellis weren’t on the booze yet, instead glugging Irn Bru in their dressing room. Although Baz wasn’t that impressed with the morsels left for them.

He said: "There's only about six packets of crisps there, that's not right is it? I think that's like the lunchtime rider and then they'll bring the rest of it later."

I remember looking at Reading posters when I was 14, 15... thinking how cool it would be to be on that
Baz from The Fratellis
Singer Jon Fratelli said it felt good to be on the main stage after their last appearance at Reading and Leeds: "It was the first festival that we did that we got that people spilling out of the tent thing.

"And we hadn't had an album out then yet you know. I remember it being a cool weekend."

Baz continued: "Yeah, I mean I was just looking at the poster there, I mean I remember looking at Reading posters when I was 14, 15, you know, and thinking how cool it would be to be on that.

"And now we've actually got it. I think it's brilliant, I'm going to take that for my bathroom."

Biffy sing-a-long

Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro said their drummer used to be in a Rage tribute band

One of the biggest sing-a-longs of the day belonged to the increasingly popular Biffy Clyro.

The crowd was baying for more and singer Simon thinks it's got a lot to do with timing: "Because it's the end of the summer everyone really lets go because it's the finale, big hurrah of the summer, so it's amazing everyone's in a great mood."

All three members of Biffy were planning to stick around to watch headliners Rage Against The Machine, not least because drummer Ben used to be in a Rage tribute band.

He said: "I did, I used to be Zack back in the day, spitting rounds, absolutely, straight flow, you couldn’t stop me."

Their performance at Reading and Leeds 2008 is the last you'll see of Biffy Clyro though until a few gigs in December.

Between now and then it's all about writing and recording the next album, at their own pace.

Simon told Newsbeat: "Because we live in Scotland still, no one's on our tail or at our door. Everyone's like 'Oh, are you not going to move to London?' And it's like, no! Because then people could come around and get you!"

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